Is The Dude's Beer Commercial An All-Time Great Ad Or Just Plain Weird?

Recently, audiences got a sneak peek at Jeff Bridges in his iconic garb, seemingly to play Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski. Once the tease published the date of February 3, everyone assumed that it was for a Super Bowl commercial. Well, you guessed right. Only, The Dude isn’t shilling for Kahlua, the key ingredient in his beloved White Russian. He’s back for a beer commercial. Check it out:

I’ll grant them this. The concept behind the ad is clever. It features two iconic pop culture figures who are identified – in addition to a bunch of other features – by their signature cocktails. Sarah Jessica Parker appears at the start of the Stella Artois advertisement, once again playing Carrie Bradshaw, her famous Sex and the City character. Carrie’s known for enjoying cosmopolitans, so when she passes up one for a Stella, it causes a commotion.

The same goes for The Dude (Jeff Bridges), who enters this particular drinking establishment in the midst of the chaos caused by Carrie’s drink switch. Lebowski approaches the bartender, who asks if he’d like a White Russian. Because the Dude LOVES his White Russians:

Naturally, because this is a Stella Artois Super Bowl ad – which we are getting an early look at – The Dude passes on his White Russian, and orders a bottle of the sponsoring beer. He mispronounces the name, though, doesn’t he? Is that a subtle dig?

Personally, this isn’t how I wanted to see The Dude brought back into the national conversation. In fact, I don’t think I ever wanted to see The Dude back. He’s perfectly encapsulated in the Coen BrothersThe Big Lebowski. Did they sign off on this? If so, that’s all the more heartbreaking.

Then again, perhaps nothing is sacred in this world anymore. Jeff Bridges IS The Dude. If he’s fine bringing his most famous character back to sell a beer, then we as fans have to cut the ad some slack. Do we not? Bridges doesn’t need the money. He sure doesn’t need the exposure. Maybe, like we said at the top of the article, he found the concept clever enough to play along. The Dude Abides with this Stella commercial. It really ties the room together.

What about you guys? Are you OK with Jeff Bridges taking The Dude out of the mothballs for the benefit of a beer commercial? Or would you have preferred to see Bridges keep the character’s integrity, and maybe only bring him back for that movie about the Jesus that John Turturro has been teasing for years? Either way the commercial is out now, so head to the comments section where we can discuss.

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Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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