Apparently The Frozen 2 Poster Contains Some Major Clues

Princess Anna in the Frozen 2 trailer Disney

Frozen 2 is the next Avengers movie, complete with its own version of Infinity Stones, cryptic clues, and random fan speculation on what it all means! The first teaser trailer for Frozen 2 just came out, and fans immediately went into analysis mode. Disney also released the official poster at the same time, with the entire image being a giant snowflake. Fans noticed the four different symbols, and Josh Gad (Olaf) helpfully -- albeit somewhat jokingly -- pointed to the poster as a source of clues:

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First of all, it looks like you can match one of those symbols with a shot in the trailer where Anna sees the gorgeous crystals falling from the sky:

Those crystals appear to all be using the symbol in the bottom left of the poster. Some fans are speculating that the Frozen 2 story may have something to do with the four seasons, represented by the four symbols. This fan suggests that the other seasons have their own princesses, or queens/rules, like Elsa for winter:

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This next fan is basically on the same page -- it may be the wrong page, for all we know, but right now the theory I'm willing to back does surround the seasons. After all, the trailer makes the point of including autumn leaves falling, so it's already emphasizing other seasons. (And we know Olaf is looking forward to suuuuuummmeeeerrrr.)

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The season idea could fit with the shots in the trailer of autumn leaves, including that shot revealing two new characters (who may or may not be Elsa and Anna's parents in a flashback revealing Mom had wind powers). There's also this epic fall shot of our team:

Frozen 2 trailer screenshot

Someone is going to make a pumpkin spice latté joke about that autumn scene, just wait for it.

Speaking of Olaf and summer, though, what if it's that kind of summer heat -- the power of fire vs. the power of ice -- that threatens Olaf in this shot, and that's why Elsa is working her frozen magic to protect him?

Elsa protects Olaf in Frozen 2 trailer

If we have a fire vs. ice battle, maybe we can add Game of Thrones to the list of pop culture references.

So, if we go with the seasons theory, what does any of that mean for the four symbols on the poster? Is Queen Elsa's power of winter symbol the one that's falling by Anna in the trailer, or would that be something else?

And why does the super intense first teaser have Elsa going full Moana/Aquaman on a dark beach at the beginning? Was she stuck in, say, the summer land and she's trying to get out? Obviously that's pure speculation, so feel free to laugh it off.

The fun part is that Disney has already given Frozen fans a lot to think about, rather than just giving us a cute funny trailer and a cute funny poster showing our favorite characters. It's been almost six years since the first movie came out, but the Frozen team has still been prominent in short films, merchandise, video games, theme park attractions, songs, etc. It's not like we've had a chance to miss the characters, so the stakes were pretty high to give fans something new and different. So far, this qualifies.

Frozen 2 is opening in theaters November 22, and there's still a lot of mystery about the plot. We do know that Evan Rachel Wood and Sterling K. Brown were announced as joining the cast, so we'll have to see how their characters fit into the story.

Frozen 2 is just one of many, many Disney movies coming out in 2019, and based on the first stunning but surprising trailer, we're more into it than ever. Keep up on all of the new releases ahead with our 2019 movie schedule.

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