A Star Wars Twitter Account Dropped A Teasy Message And Fans Are Freaking Out

If you're a serious Star Wars fan, then odds are you've been more than a little excited in recent weeks. It's 2019 now, which means we've entered the same calendar year in which Star Wars: Episode IX will be released. The film's marketing push should be getting under way any minute now. Any...minute...now... Fans have serious expectations that a title and a trailer are just on the horizon. Fans what to get the first look and they want it now, but nothing seems to be moving on the Lucasfilm side of things. Although, a recent tweet from the Star Wars UK Twitter account, has people wondering if something may be about to happen.

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If this is the calm before the storm, then the storm is coming, right? And the storm will be here soon, right? And the storm, in this case, is the trailer for Star Wars Episode IX, right? Or, barring that, at least the release of the first poster which includes the title of the bloody movie, right?

By this time two years ago, the title for Star Wars: The Last Jedi had been released, which led many to expect that we'd have more information about the final film in the trilogy by now than we actually do. At the same time, that means that a title announcement could come at any time, and so fans remain on edge wondering when it will happen. Comments like this one from an official social media page are the sorts of things that get attention. Does this mean some sort of announcement is imminent?

It is, of course, possible that this is an intentional reference that "the storm" is on the way and we should all be ready for something to drop soon. Of course, it's equally possible that this is just a general statement. Things are calm now, just wait until the promotional machine goes into gear.

Principal photography on Star Wars: Episode IX was announced to have officially wrapped on February 15 and this tweet was released the next day. It could just be a reference that with filming done, things are calm in the Star Wars universe for now, though that will be changing before too long. The Twitter account is the one dedicated to UK fans, and that's where most of the filming for Episode IX took place.

If there's a silver lining to all this madness, it's that there is very likely an end date where we know we'll have all the answers, or at least all the answers Lucasfilm will give us. Star Wars Celebration starts on April 11 and if the event doesn't end with a title and a trailer being revealed, you can be pretty sure that Star Wars fans might not leave Chicago standing. If somehow that event ends and we still don't have a trailer you can be pretty sure there will never be one.

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Things might be revealed before the event of course, but the closer we get to it without a title or a trailer the more likely it becomes that Lucasfilm will just wait until then.

Whether this tweet is a specific harbinger of things to come to just a general comment on the state of Star Wars, it's certainly accurate. Whether it's even possible to make fans more excited then they already are is unclear, but apparently Star Wars is going to try.

Dirk Libbey
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