How Queen Reacted To Performing At The Oscars

Queen With Adam Lambert Concert Screenshot 2019

Queen frontman Adam Lambert, who has taken over vocal duties with the band in recent years as a fill-in for Freddie Mercury, said that he and Queen would be performing at the Oscars over the long weekend. However, now the rest of the band members have also confirmed the musical event with a fun posts to their fans.

First off, Queen’s own Brian May expressed excitement about the big event, confirming on Instagram:

I realize maybe this is not clear! So I can now tell you: YES! ... after much drama (drama is what it’s all about, right ?!) we have been engaged to Tear it Up, in person, live and dangerous, one night only, at the Academy Awards ceremony. Thank you, Oscars people - we will make you proud! And, folks... Be there!!! Bri

Roger Taylor confirmed in his own jokey manner, as well, saying about the Oscars, which air on Sunday, February 24.

Blimey! Looks like we'll be busy next Sunday!

Previously, Adam Lambert shared a video of Queen performances when he revealed the band would be there on the big awards night. Still, given Brian May and Roger Taylor have been big names associated with Bohemian Rhapsody in recent months, it’s good to hear from the horses’ mouths that everyone is pumped to perform.

And just to make it official, The Academy has also confirmed the band will perform during the big show. Take a look:

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Bohemian Rhapsody has done well this awards season, particularly at events like the BAFTAS and The Golden Globes. Now, it’s also been nominated for five Academy Awards, including Best Picture, despite only middling reviews from the critics. It's been a real crowdpleaser and the voters during awards season largely have seemed to have changed their minds about how good the story of Queen really is on the big screen.

As for the 2019 Academy Awards, there's a lot of good stuff we already know is coming, particularly in regards to the music. Queen and Adam Lambert are playing, but there's also a lot of buzz surrounding a performance by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper for A Star Is Born. Bradley Cooper has even previously revealed he's terrified at the prospect of singing "Shallow" in front of so many of his peers at the main event of the awards season. Plus, Bette Midler will be performing music from Mary Poppins Returns. She'll be singing the memorable original tune "The Place Where Lost Things Go" in place of Emily Blunt, who starred in the movie.

It should be a fun night for movies fans, although we'll have to wait and see if Bohemian Rhapsody is able to bring home the fairest prize of them all. Tune in for the full Oscars event on Sunday, February 24, only on ABC. Before the big event, be sure to take a look at the full list of nominees, as well.

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