Melissa McCarthy And Her Rabbits Are Oscars' Weirdest Moment So Far

Oscars 2019 Melissa McCarthy and Brian Tyree Henry dressed in weird costumes presenting at the Oscar

If there are two things you can count on The Oscars to deliver, it's weird moments of comedy and interesting outfits. So leave it to this year's fast and furious paced show to show us a moment that showcases both of those things in one, hilarious package. Submitted for your approval, Melissa McCarthy, wearing a very interesting and bunny laden dress to present tonight's award for Best Costume Design alongside Brian Tyree Henry.

Both McCarthy and Henry were dressed rather interestingly to present one of the awards that occurred in the earlier portion of the evening, but the Best Actress nominee had the weirder side of the couture equation. Blame The Favourite, one of the Best Costume Design nominees this evening, as the film's obsession with rabbits rubbed off on Melissa McCarthy's outfit, which had rabbits on its train, rabbits on the sleeves, and even a bunny puppet on her hand that stole part of the show.

It only gets weirder from that point though, as McCarthy also donned Queen Elizabeth I's cropped red hair from Mary Queen Of Scots, with Brian Tyree Henry complimenting his Favourite dress with a touch of Mary Poppins Returns and Black Panther. A field's worth of nominees, and a night's worth of laughs, all packed into two outfits worn by hysterical people.

But you really need to watch the video of the presentation to get the full effect of Melissa McCarthy's absurd outfit, as she really used that bunny puppet to the greatest effect:

To wear the rabbits is one thing, as that's just par for the course as a fun reference. However, having a hand puppet of a rabbit, as well as using that puppet in her hands, with that straight of a face, is what pushes the gag over into hysterical territory. And you know points have to go to Brian Tyree Henry for also being able to present this award, with that sort of madness going on beside him.

While The Favourite lost the award to Ruth E. Carter's groundbreaking and well deserved win for Black Panther, it certainly nabbed a memorable moment at The Oscars tonight. So whomever was responsible for such a hysterical choice of wardrobe and props, take a bow; because tonight, you are one of our favourites.

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