Wait, Rami Malek Had To Be Treated By Paramedics During The Oscars Last Night?

Yikes! Rami Malek certainly had an eventful 2019 Oscars night. Lady Gaga fixed his bow tie before he won his beloved Best Actor Oscar, and when the night was wrapping up, he fell off the Dolby Theatre stage into the audience, dropped his new Oscar, and had to be treated for possible injuries. Apparently he turned out fine, and he was spotted partying at the Governor's Ball after the show. But check out an angle of what happened here:

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As you can see, the Oscars ceremony was closing down when he took a tumble off the stage. According to People, after Rami Malek fell, paramedics were called, and he was moved into a chair in the front row of the audience. He was later moved to a more private area backstage. He didn't appear to have any injuries, and he still spoke in the press room after the fall.

As someone who has also fallen off a stage in real life, I can relate. I can also report that it's more embarrassing than painful. Thankfully, Rami Malek would've been high on life after his big Bohemian Rhapsody Best Actor win.

Fans related to Rami Malek's drop, since we've all kinda been there, while never quite being where he was last night:

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It's kind of reminiscent of Jennifer Lawrence tripping on her way up to accept her Oscar. Remember that? It's the kind of thing that helps people see celebrities as Just Like Us, even when they are clearly living very different lives. Since Rami Malek was all over the place last night, some fans jokingly wondered if he was just overwhelmed by the night or what:

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What a night! Rami Malek can explain what happened himself someday, maybe in a talk show anecdote. No matter what, it was a big night for him and his film Bohemian Rhapsody. Queen opened the host-less show in dramatic fashion. And after he won Best Actor for playing Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, Rami shared a big kiss with his his costar and real-life girlfriend Lucy Boynton.

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It was a night of big surprises. Not for Rami Malek winning Best Actor -- that was pretty much expected after his previous awards wins -- but for Best Actress and Best Picture, especially. Check out the full list of winners from the 2019 Oscars. And keep up on everything that's now playing in theaters with our handy 2019 film schedule. Then we'll do it all of this again next year at the 2020 Oscars (hopefully without another stage fall).

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