Watch Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper Sing Shallow At The Oscars

Gaga and Cooper during the performance

It's been a long and exciting Awards season, with tonight's Academy Awards ceremony capping it all off with the most sought after prize. Earlier ceremonies spread the awards across various films, beginning with the always unexpected Golden Globe ceremony. This year's nominees are exciting and diverse, including Marvel's Black Panther, foreign film frontrunner Roma, and Bradley Cooper's musical directorial debut A Star Is Born. The latter racked up an impressive eight Oscar noms, with the most heavily favored category being Best Original Song, for the radio favorite track "Shallow".

Given Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's chemistry in A Star Is Born was palpable both during the film and the film's press tour. As such, moviegoers were eager to see the two actors reunite on the stage to sing "Shallow", and it didn't disappoint. The Maine family was reunited, and you better bring your tissues.

I'm not crying, you're crying. Simple and powerful, A Star Is Born showed up big for its Oscars performance, and ultimately it was the final icing on the cake before the track took the Best Original Song award. To put it simply: Yas, Gaga.

The performance of "Shallow" is stripped down, which might not have been what fans were expecting from the Awards bait blockbuster. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper has teased their plans for the performance, and their cryptic comments could have heralded in just about anything from the dynamic duo. But instead of going for high production value, Cooper and Gaga simply ascended the Oscars stage from the first row, took their places, and sang to each other.

Bradley Cooper started off the song, just as Jackson Maine did during his concert in A Star Is Born. While the actor/director seemed a bit nervous, he ultimately found a way to channel Jackson's signature voice and grovel, and temporarily occupied the skin of the ill-fated musician. Lady Gaga's transition was more seamless, as she began the performance as a viewer, before Cooper handed the baton and she belted out Ally's signature verse and bridge in what was the film's first star-making moment.

While all of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's performance of "Shallow" was effective and nostalgic, the final chorus pulled at the heartstrings of moviegoers. Cooper joined Gaga on the piano bench, and they shared a microphone and the final moments of the already iconic song. Their faces nearly touched, and for a second Ally and Jackson occupied the ABC and countless screen across the world.

The timing couldn't have been better, as A Star Is Born was the last movie to perform their Best Original Song nominated track. But there was a noticeable absence from the program, as Black Panther's signature song "All The Stars" wasn't part of the Oscars. Kendrick Lamar and Sza didn't get a chance to sing their Oscar nominated song, and ultimately the coveted golden statue went to A Star Is Born.

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Corey Chichizola
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