The 7 Funniest Moments From The 2019 Academy Awards

Amy Poehler Maya Rudolph Tina Fey at the oscars 2019
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The 2019 Academy Awards has come and gone, and while there were plenty of serious moments throughout the night, there were also some laughs to be had as well. The world wanted to know if the Oscars could find the funny without a host, and still get a laugh, and while the masses will decide for themselves tonight and tomorrow, here we're here to highlight some of the funnier moments of the show in chronological order.

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Maya Rudolph, Tina Fey, And Amy Poehler Open The Show

The Oscars kicked its host-less night with three women that could've hosted - and they let the world know. It didn't take long for the former Saturday Night Live cast members to get the laughs rolling, as they riffed on the night, each other, and other topical humor much to the delight of the audience. After a stunning performance by Queen, it seemed as though the Oscars could survive without a host.

With that said, Hollywood, let's go ahead and get these ladies an invitation in advance for next year's show. The run time improved significantly, but the jokes this year felt few and far between when compared to the past. Starting off with these three was a smart move, but maybe set the bar too high for the rest of the night comedy-wise.

Melissa McCarthy And Brian Tyree Henry at the oscars 2019

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Melissa McCarthy And Brian Tyree Henry Look Amazing

Physical comedy and deadpan humor are tough to do in an Oscars sketch, so full credit to Melissa McCarthy and Brian Tyree Henry for absolutely knocking it out of the park. Of course, they had a lot of help in their amazing costumes, which really elevated the whole bit immensely.

Anyone who doesn't think McCarthy has some of the best comedic chops in Hollywood should try to give that same speech while making a rabbit puppet move. As for anyone who thought that about Brian Tyree Henry, they just need to start watching Atlanta - although viewers probably already got their fill of Donald Glover listening to one of his songs repeatedly during the Oscar broadcast commercial breaks.

Keegan Michael Key as Mary Poppins at the oscars 2019

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Keegan-Michael Key Makes A Mary Poppins Entrance

Keegan-Michael Key got the Oscars stunt of the night, descending from the ceiling with an umbrella in a clear homage to Mary Poppins Returns. The actor was really living in the moment on his way down, and had both arms and legs locked as the crowd cheered him on the way down.

The star stuck the dismount, but stumbled a bit with the umbrella, and, honestly, that unplanned bit may have been the funniest part of the whole segment. Of course, it didn't appear as though it was planned in the slightest. Just proof that funny people like Keegan-Michael Key are good at comedy even when they aren't trying!

Trevor Noah at the oscars 2019

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Trevor Noah Takes A Shot At Mel Gibson

Leave it for The Daily Show host to take a shot at riskiest joke of the night. Trevor Noah took the stage to talk about Black Panther, and in the process reminded Hollywood that one of its own has a seriously checkered past. Noah took a risk for cheers - would he be rewarded with a fair amount of jeers for taking a shot at the actor?

Turns out there were no jeers tonight, as Trevor Noah got the audience rolling with his joke. It wasn't a complete surprise, although similar jokes at award shows like these have been met with criticism before. It was a gamble, but one that seems to have paid off for the man who people don't immediately realize is in Black Panther.

Paul rudd sarah paulson

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Paul Rudd Being Paul Rudd

At the award shows mid-point, the jokes started to wear a bit thin. Needless to say Paul Rudd was like finding an oasis in a dry dry desert. It was a simple joke, just a riff on visual effects being utilized to make him appear to be an actor, but it was enough to get the crowd going again after a long period of quiet.

From a comedy standpoint this may have been a point where a host would've been missed. That's not to say having a host would've absolutely kept the laughs going in that lull period, but it wouldn't have put the burden on actors who don't necessarily have the funny bone to attempt to get a laugh when it didn't feel like it was going to happen. Fortunately, Paul Rudd isn't one of those actors.

Samuel L. Jackson Spike Lee

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Samuel L. Jackson Delivers An NBA Update

Once you get to a certain point in Hollywood, sticking to the script is optional. Samuel L. Jackson proved that today when he took the stage with his Captain Marvel co-star Brie Larson and decided to go rogue. Jackson, in a room full of Hollywood elite likely wound so tight with nerves they can't stand it, decided to inform everyone, specifically his friend Spike Lee, that the Knicks won today.

The moment may very well go down in the show's history, as Samuel L. Jackson would minutes later award Spike Lee with his very first Academy Award. In the words of Lee, it was about time the institution did "the right thing." Lee is probably also hoping the Knicks continue to do the right thing and keep that win streak alive! He might have better luck just crossing his fingers for another Oscar, though.

Frances McDormand Sam Rockwell at the 2019 oscars

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Frances McDormand Has No Comment

Frances McDormand had Hollywood talking following her 2018 acceptance speech, as the actress' went on a passionate rant and ended on a term that had folks talking inside and outside Hollywood. Her call for inclusion riders inspired many, and made some waves that might've led to that Oscar of hers being stolen temporarily. Okay, that last bit probably isn't true, but who doesn't love a good Hollywood conspiracy?

It was a wild night, so obviously when Frances McDormand strolled out on stage, there was a certain expectation she might have something else to say. That expectation made it that much funnier when McDormand was stone cold silent on stage, other than to say she had "no comment." The crowd loved it, and surely quite a few folks watching at home did as well.

So, did the Oscars manage to keep the humor up without a host? Be sure to sound off in the comments below, and let us know if you think the show had more laughs or was lacking and could've been different had someone hosted. For more on the award show, read up on which studio made history during the night, and be sure to check out the full list of winners as well.

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