Watch Ryan Reynolds Get Ultra Serious About Detective Pikachu Role In Bonkers New Video

One of the more bizarre films set to come to screens later this year is the live-action Pokemon movie Detective Pikachu. The movie looks to be quite ridiculous (but in a good way) based on the trailers, but in a new video Ryan Reynolds, who voices the title character, says he took the role very seriously, though as you'll see, the somber tone is actually part of the joke. Check it out.

According to the video, Ryan Reynolds went full "method" for his performance as Detective Pikachu, doing everything he could to live as the character from the point he learned he had been cast as the lightning throwing Pokemon. Reynolds promises that the fans who expect a perfect and proper performance from him will get just that.

Of course, the entire thing is a joke published to Ryan Reynolds YouTube channel. The perfectly straight delivery in which he reveals that he left his kids stranded because Pikachu doesn't have kids is awesome, though only because we know it's not true. God, I hope it's not true.

Although, it has to be said, the highlight of all this isn't Ryan Reynolds, but his wife, Blake Lively, who occasionally chimes in during the video to throw shade at her husband. She chastises him for ditching their kids, gives him shit for just using his own natural voice to voice Pikachu, and promises that she and the kids will not be going to see this movie.

Nobody knew what to really expect when it was announced that the popular Pokemon franchise was getting a live-action movie in the form of Detective Pikachu. The fact that the character in question was being voiced by Ryan Reynolds made the entire thing that much stranger, as the actor is best known for comedy, especially now following the success of the two Deadpool movies.

Of course, what we got when we saw the new Detective Pikachu trailer was...pretty much exactly what you'd expect from the guy who plays Deadpool voicing a Pokemon. This film isn't any less weird right now than it was when it was first announced. If anything, having seen it, it's all that much weirder.

Along with this new video came news that a new trailer for Detective Pikachu will drop sometime tomorrow. We can be fairly certain that we'll get more of the same from the last trailer. Of course, while there's a comedic tone to the story, every indication is that, much like this video, a great deal of the comedy will come from the way the story is otherwise largely played straight.

This means that we're still going to get some of the Pokemon fighting action that most fans are probably looking for from the film. The Pokemon themselves, it has to be said, look pretty impressive and realistic and should be entertaining to look at if nothing else.

Hopefully it was all worth it since Ryan Reynolds alienated his family to get here.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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