The Hilarious Way Ryan Reynolds Congratulated Avengers: Infinity War On Its Opening Weekend

Everybody's talking about Avengers: Ininfity War this weekend (with good reason; it's awesome) but Marvel's biggest movie yet might not have that many weeks on the top. Following right on its heels is Deadpool 2, a totally different kind of superhero movie with its own large amount of hype. They both may come from rival studios (for now) but that doesn't mean any of the actors have to be competitive. Case in point: Ryan Reynolds. The Deadpool star tweeted out congratulations for Ininfity War's big weekend and in Reynolds fashion, it was also pretty funny.

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The rivalry between fans of superhero films from competing companies has been well established, but when it comes to the people actually making these movies, there doesn't seem to be any bad blood. In fact, people are often very encouraging to each other, never missing an opportunity to throw a quick congratulations for making a great movie. We have another example of that today with Ryan Reynolds congratulating Marvel Studios on Infinity War. Of course, Reynolds never misses a beat when it comes to having a fun, meta, Deadpool joke either.

As most people may know, Avengers: Infinity War is having a huge weekend right now, having the second biggest opening day ever and currently on track to passing Star Wars: The Force Awakens for the biggest debut weekend of all time. Marvel Studios is no doubt passing around the champagne right now, and Ryan Reynolds took a moment to share his own glass. On Twitter, Reynolds wrote, "From a guy who never knows when to quit, I'm glad you guys never did. Congrats." The tweet was accompanied by a picture of a letter from Tony Stark for Deadpool. Seems like Deadpool has been trying to get into the Avengers, and the answer is a strong "no" from Iron Man.

Deadpool may be getting rejection letters to join the Avengers, but this kind of does highlight the fact that this might not be the case forever. The Disney-Fox deal means that Deadpool and fellow X-Men characters could be making a trip to the MCU eventually. Of course, this is all years away and who even knows if Marvel will choose to keep Deadpool separate or include him in the fun. Either way, don't take no for an answer, Deadpool.

People excited for Deadpool 2 don't have to wait much longer to see the Merc with a Mouth in action again. The sequel arrives on May 18, 2018. to learn everything you can until then, here's everything we know so far about the comedy superhero film. For everything else arriving in theaters this year, be sure to check out our 2018 movie release guide for what's coming to a theater near you.

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