Captain Marvel’s Directors Talk About Stan Lee’s Day On Set

Stan Lee reading The Doors of Perception on a bus in Doctor Strange cameo
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Since Captain Marvel will mark the first MCU installment since Stan Lee’s passing, you better believe the late great comic book legend will have a presence in the upcoming action flick. Fortunately, the cameo king had the chance to continue his long-held tradition and film his part in the movie and as per usual brought his sunshine energy to the Captain Marvel set.

During the recent Captain Marvel press junket in Los Angeles, I asked the movie’s co-directors, Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, about their involvement in bringing Stan Lee back to screen in one of his last appearances. Here’s what Boden said:

We were on set for the cameo and of course when we shot it, we didn’t know he was going to pass away but still it’s always such an event whenever he comes on set. The day of his cameo was so exciting for me and such an inspiration for all of these stories. It was a big day.

How special! While the cast and crew of Captain Marvel had no idea they would be filming one of the last final Stan Lee cameos, seems like they could certainly feel the weight of his appearance on set. While Captain Marvel is one of the few Marvel comic characters to be adapted on the big screen that Lee himself didn’t create, the icon hasn’t missed a single MCU movie thus far and we’re excited to see him pop up in the upcoming movie.

Captain Marvel, a.k.a. Carol Danvers, was created by writer Roy Thomas and artist Gene Colan in 1968. Thomas became Lee’s first successor as editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics when Lee became Marvel’s publisher. The movie delves into the roots of the Avengers, as Carol Danvers teams up with a younger Nick Fury in the ‘90s before the superhero initiative was even a concept.

During my interview with the co-directors, they also teased a tribute to Stan Lee in Captain Marvel, in addition to gushing about Lee’s time on set. Check it out:

Bring out your tissues early in Captain Marvel, because there’s also a tribute to the legend, in addition to his cameo that got the directors “emotional."

The upcoming on-screen return of Stan Lee follows his recent animated presence in Sony’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which not only had him voicing a key moment with Miles Morales, but apparently also popping up in random animated sequences throughout the film.

Into the Spider-Verse became the first-ever Marvel flick to receive an Oscar on Sunday when the film won Best Animated Feature.

After his Captain Marvel cameo, Stan is also likely to appear in Avengers: Endgame, since Stan Lee would knock out multiple cameos early on in production. We’re still not certain when Lee’s last cameo is – it’s possible he might have an appearance in Spider-Man: Far From Home, though it has been confirmed he did not film one for Dark Phoenix.

Fans can treasure an appearance from “Stan the Man” in Captain Marvel when it hits theaters on March 8.

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