Sean Gunn Is Determined To Make Guardians Vol. 3, Even Without James Gunn

Sean Gunn in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

The future of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 is still very much in question. While Marvel seems dedicated to making the movie happen, the film is still on hold and with no apparent movement forward with no director attached. However, at least one person seems quite focused no making sure Guardians Vol. 3 does happen. Sean Gunn, the brother of the film's previously attached director James Gunn, says that, one way or another, the movie needs to happen. According to Gunn...

I don’t know exactly how that’s all gonna work. But I feel like we are going to make the third movie, I’m excited to make it, I think it’s a disservice to the fans if we didn’t make it and I know the people who worked on the Guardians movies are really a family, and we’re gonna come together and make the best movie we can regardless of who’s in charge.

While Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 was supposed to be the first of Marvel's Phase Four productions, hitting screens in May of 2020, all of that was thrown into chaos when James Gunn was unceremoniously removed as director of the film following the revelation of social media posts he had made years ago.

At the time, it wasn't clear if the movie would ever actually happen or if the already completed script James Gunn had written would be used. Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige has since conformed that the plan is still to make the movie, and to use Gunn's script, but the project has yet to find a new director.

Sean Gunn has been an unequivocal supporter of his brother from the beginning, but he's also been a supporter of the film franchise as well. He wants to make this movie and finish the trilogy, He tells Variety that he truly believes that things will work out and the movie will get made, though he admits he has no idea exactly how that will happen.

While a social media campaign by fans and even an open letter written by the cast in support of James Gunn came in the wake of Disney's decision, the studio has not altered its stance on the situation at all. James Gunn has since moved over to the other side of the fence, writing the script for the Suicide Squad sequel with every expectation that he will direct it as well.

Certainly, many fans likely want to be as optimistic about the future of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise as Sean Gunn is. While the movie will clearly be something a little different without James Gunn in the director's chair, the fact that it will at least tell the story he wrote may be enough. Of course, the movie has to actually get made first, and we're still waiting for movement in that regard.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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