The Comic Character The Directors Almost Included in Captain Marvel

Brie Larson as Carol Danvers as an Air Force Pilot in Captain Marvel
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From inception to release, Marvel films go through a ton of reworks, leading to some characters originally intended to debut on screen to be cut by the time the movie hits theaters. And Captain Marvel is no exception. In my recent interview with the movie’s directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, I asked them about this. Here’s what Boden said:

We were always kind of obsessed with Helen Cobb and she didn’t make it into the movie. I think we thought about her a lot in terms of when we were trying to develop the story.

Interesting! For those unfamiliar with the Captain Marvel character, Helen Cobb is a famous pilot that inspired Carol Danvers to pursue her career in the Air Force and holds the highest-record for flight, which she wishes to break. In one story, Carol travels back in time (in a time-traveling plane, because she cannot time travel on her own), meets her, and joins the Banshee Squadron-- an all-female fighting unit in World War II.

When Helen Cobb dies of old age back in her timeline, Carol is given her airplane. The character exemplifies the importance of female role models, so it’s no wonder the directors considered her during the development of Captain Marvel. Check out the directors talking about it below:

While Helen Cobb was in the running, she didn’t make it past script development, as Kevin Feige recently confirmed with Here’s what the Marvel chief said about Helen Cobb:

She was in some drafts… But ultimately, the story is about Carol Danvers, so everything had to focus and funnel through her.

There are certainly tons of exciting characters found in between the pages of Captain Marvel comics who would have been an exciting addition to the big-screen origin story of Carol Danvers. In the end, the filmmakers had to focus on telling her story first and foremost, which left out room for Helen Cobb.

While Helen Cobb won’t be seen in Captain Marvel, she would be a fantastic addition for a potential sequel. It would allow for more of Carol’s roots and inspirations to be delved and seeing the hero join the Banshee Squadron in WWII sounds badass. This also opens the window for Captain Marvel to run into some other characters in the MCU from the past and fill in some more gaps in the universe that have yet to be explored!

But wait… we’re getting ahead of ourselves. You’ll have to first check out Captain Marvel in theaters on March 8. The origin story follows Brie Larson as Carol Danvers as a Starforce officer who falls to Earth in 1995 and teams up with Nick Fury, in his first intergalactic mission and amidst a war between the Kree and Skrull races.

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