Brie Larson Already Has A Marvel Hero In Mind To Join Captain Marvel’s Sequel

Captain Marvel going supernova

It's an extremely exciting time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as there are only two movies left before Phase Three concludes. While all eyes are on what the surviving heroes will do against Thanos in Avengers: Endgame, there's another highly anticipated blockbuster arriving first: Captain Marvel. Directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, the upcoming Marvel flick will split its time between Earth and Space as Carol Danvers gets an origin story that will finally bring Brie Larson's character to the silver screen.

With the OG Avengers' contracts coming to an end with Endgame, Marvel Studios will likely put more focus on the newer additions like Black Panther and Captain Marvel. As such, it seems logical that there will be a Captain Marvel sequel sometime in Phase Four, likely allowing Carol Danvers to interact with more of the shared universe's big names. And Brie Larson knows exactly what hero she'd like to be paired with in a future installment, recently saying:

I mean my dream would be that Ms. Marvel gets to come into play in the sequel. That's the goal.

There you go, ladies and gents. Rather than getting a movie alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy or The Avengers, it looks like Brie Larson wants to introduce Ms. Marvel aka Kamala Kahn to the shared universe with Captain Marvel's potential sequel.

Brie Larson's comments come from the Captain Marvel cast's recent Panel Discussion with ABC News. The Oscar winning actress fielded a question about future crossovers, where Larson revealed that she wants Ms. Marvel to have a role in Captain Marvel's follow-up movie. And she's not the only one, as the call for Kamala Kahn to be adapted into live-action has been slowly growing throughout this phase of the MCU.

For those unfamiliar, Kamala Kahn is Marvel's first Muslim character to have her very own comic book. She's an Inhuman from Jersey City, who discovers she's able to shape shift, as well as heal herself from extensive injury. Captain Marvel is a major inspiration for the young hero, as she comes into her own as a vigilante and superpowered being. As such, Brie Larson's idea for bringing Ms. Marvel into the Captain Marvel franchise makes a great deal of sense.

Ms. Marvel

Adding Ms. Marvel to the Marvel Cinematic Universe would break new ground for the massive franchise in a couple of ways. Kamala's shape shifting power set is one that hasn't really been shown on screen, with the exception of the Fantastic Four movies. This could challenge Marvel's visual affects team in new ways, while also providing a unique experience to moviegoers who shell out money to see every new Marvel flick.

Additionally, Kamala Kahn's inclusion would continue moving Marvel Studios forward when it comes to onscreen representation. Having a Muslim comic book hero was a major cultural moment when Ms. Marvel burst onto the page, and it will no doubt be just as powerful if/when she makes her way to the silver screen. Additionally, she'd likely function with the same naivety as Tom Holland's Peter Parker, showing how kids live in a superpowered world.

Phase Three of the MCU showed the beloved shared universe becoming far more diverse than the previous two slates of films. Black Panther was full of outstanding black talent both behind and in front of the camera, while Ant-Man and The Wasp and Captain Marvel brought in more superpowered females, and proved they could kick just as much ass as the boys. So having a Muslim female hero pop up in Captain Marvel’s sequel seems possible, as Kevin Feige has maintained Marvel’s continued focus on inclusion.

As previously mentioned, there have already been some whispers about Kamala Kahn’s eventual role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A few months ago, Rogue One’s Riz Ahmed tweeted at Marvel Studios, volunteering to help write a Ms. Marvel movie for Kamala. Mindy Kaling agreed to help as well, revealing she’s read all of Kamal Kahn’s Ms. Marvel comic books. Comic fans seemed pleased as punch with this pairing of minds, and the Twitter responses encouraged Marvel Studios to make the plunge.

Of course, Ms. Marvel getting her very own blockbuster might stop her from playing a supporting role in Captain Marvel. Brie Larson seems eager to bring that character to a possible sequel, so there are quite a few parties interested in Kamala Kahn. Perhaps she could be introduced in the Captain Marvel follow-up, before a solo movie. After all, that system worked when Black Panther and Spider-Man were introduced in Captain America: Civil War.

With so many of the long standing MCU stars coming to the end of their contracts, Marvel Studios will have to bring in new heroes to help flesh out the world of the shared universe. Disney’s merger with 20th Century Fox may finally bring the X-Men into the narrative, but the studio will no doubt be looking to other heroes to bring from the page to the screen. Hopefully this includes Ms. Marvel.

Kamala and Carol in the comics

Funny enough, Carol Danvers actually used to be referred to as Ms. Marvel in the comics. Before the Kree-powered hero was given the mantle Captain Marvel, she went by a slightly flirtier name, and wore a black costume with a lightning bolt. She’s also the same character that X-Men’s Rogue got her strength and flight powers from, a plot line that might finally be possible to appear in the MCU thanks to the merger with Fox.

But Carol Danvers’ name is now synonymous with Captain Marvel, while Kamala Kahn has become the most recent version of Ms. Marvel in comics and video games. They seem like a great dynamic duo to bring into the MCU, although the studio’s plans for the future are a complete mystery to the general public.

Following Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame, the only other Marvel movie with a known release date is Spider-Man: Far From Home.The future will likely become clear once Endgame hits theaters, and the studio no longer has to worry about Phase Four’s schedule spoiling that massive blockbuster.

Alas, all the Ms. Marvel rumors are just speculation at this point, even for Brie Larson. Fans will get to see Carol Danvers (sans Ms. Marvel) when Captain Marvel arrives in theaters March 8th. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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