Captain Marvel’s Costume Could Have Looked Extremely Different

Captain Marvel in her red and blue suit

It's a very exciting time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While all eyes are on what will happen when Phase Three comes to a close with Avengers: Endgame, moviegoers are also celebrating the long awaited arrival of Brie Larson's Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel. Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck's Marvel blockbuster told a 90s set origin story, expanding the universe while also doing some set up for her role in Endgame.

Captain Marvel's onscreen origin was ripped largely from the comics, including the war between the Kree and Skrulls. During filming, it was revealed that the character would be wearing a green incarnation of her costume, something that originally made fans pause. Ultimately her red and blue suit made its way onto the silver screen, although new concept art revealed her costume could have looked very different. Check it out below.

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Honestly, who is that? The above image comes to us from Instagram, and shows a version of Carol Danvers who looks almost robotic in appearance. As the Kree warrior known as Vers, this armor is a far departure from the suit that she and the rest of Starforce rocked in Captain Marvel. The rest of the team would have presumably been outfitted the same, although the artist specifically mentioned that Vers was an elite Kree pilot. As such, she might have been given some equipments unique to the rest of Starforce.

The above image also doesn't contain Captain Marvel/The Kree's insignia on the chest. Instead, there's a subtle pin on her right chest plate. This is another unique change to the character, as Carol Danvers has her own logo in the MCU. The entire look gives a robotic feel, although it should be noted that she is at least wearing Captain Marvel's signature red color.

Another concept image took more liberal changes to the costume, although its close to the Kree suit from Captain Marvel. Check it out below.

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This look is definitely close to the look Vers was rocking through the majority of Captain Marvel's runtime. We see the suit with her mask on, although a bit of her human skin is shown popping through. While she's no longer robotic in appearance, the artist did make more risky changes to her look than the one eventually settled on.

For one, Captain Marvel's mask puts her hair into a ponytail, rather than the badass mohawk that was shown in the movie. It's a softer and perhaps more logical hairdo, although seeing her hair fall in and out of the mohawk during Captain Marvel was an unexpectedly exciting moment in the final film. The suit also features Vers rocking a much different logo than the one seen on the costumes of Starforce and The Supreme Intelligence in the movie. The insignia looks like an illustration of Saturn, which is inspired by the comics but admittedly more goofy

Ultimately, the costumes in Captain Marvel were fairly accurate to the comics, although less revealing and without Captain Marvel's signature sash around her waist. She spent most of the film in the signature Kree green, but eventually changes the suit's color ahead of the final battle in Act 3. Inspired by the Air Force and Monica Rambeau, she takes the red and blue, and then promptly kicks all the ass with her powers unleashed.

It should be interesting to see if/how Captain Marvel's costumes are changed as her tenure in the MCU continues. Characters like Black Widow, Iron Man, and Captain Marvel are constantly being given updates on their signature look. And with the decades in between Captain Marvel and her eventual appearance in Avengers: Endgame, the first suit might have some wear a tear. Unfortunately, her brief scene in the final Endgame trailer she was in civilian clothes, so it's unclear what she'll look like in The Russo Brothers' highly anticipated blockbuster.

Carol Danvers has gone through a ton of different looks in the comics throughout the years, so the fandom was eager to see what she'd look like in Captain Marvel. While the red and blue suit may be the most modern version of her costume, it certainly wasn't the first. She'd previously had a black leotard costume with a yellow lightning bolt, as well as a crop top costume. Additionally, modern red and blue palette has been used for a ton of different suits, with some of them being little more than a bathing suit for the massively powerful superhero.

In the end, Brie Larson and Marvel Studios wanted to take a step away from the skimpy Captain Marvel suit, and cover Carol Danvers up appropriately during her cosmic and Earth-based adventures. What's more, the costume ended up being a uniform for most of the film's characters, including Yon-Rogg, The Supreme Intelligence, Korath, and Minn-erva. But Carol Danvers made her new allegiance known by changing its color.

While it makes sense that Captain Marvel's costume was adjusted for the MCU, I'm hoping the character's sash/belt eventually makes an appearance. On the page, it gives her a sense of movement. And although Marvel Studios generally tries for more functional and realistic adaptations of comic book costumes, it would excite purists to see that small addition sometime in the future.

Smart money says Carol Danvers will be given a suit in Avengers: Endgame to match the rest of the survivors. She hasn't been shown in the white and red getup, but most of the heroes were shown in matching uniforms during the final trailer. And since that trailer also kept Captain Marvel's appearance until the very final moments, it makes sense that she wasn't shown in the epic long shots in the Avengers facility.

Kevin Feige has teased that Captain Marvel will be a major focus in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Phase Three comes to a close. With Endgame just a month away, it won't be long before the studio can finally share its plans for the future with the public.

Captain Marvel is in theaters now, and Avengers: Endgame will follow suit in April 26th. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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