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We watch Godzilla movies for basically one reason, right? We want to see the giant monster break stuff. Also, punch other giant monsters in the face. Godzilla: King of the Monsters promises to give us lots of monsters fighting monsters action when it hits theaters later this year, and a new video is teasing us with what is sure to be one of the bigger battles of them all, Godzilla vs. Ghidora. Check it out.

While the video, posted by Bastizilla, titled simply "Run," does give a brief glimpse at other creatures, most of what we see here is the three-headed beast that is King Ghidora. We get a shot of Ghidora and Godzilla charging each other, one that unfortunately cuts before the two actually collide. However, later we see what appears to be Godzilla with his claws wrapped around one of the heads of Ghidora and driving it straight into the ground. We also see Godzilla about to blast somebody with his breath weapon. The next shot in that sequence is probably awesome.

Ghidora looks absolutely amazing here. While Hollywood has tried to make Godzilla work in the west before, this is the first time that some of these other massive creatures have appeared in a western production. Ghidora looks like he's going to give Godzilla a run for his money in the ass kicking department. Watching them throw down may be the highlight of the new movie.

One other interesting piece of information we get from the new clip is that the monsters that we have seen previously getting all the spotlight, Godzilla, Ghidora, Mothra, and Rodan, aren't going to be the only creatures in the movie. Ken Watanabe's character appears to say that 17 different creatures have been detected, and he clearly expects more. It doesn't mean they'll all be major kaiju we know from classic Godzilla movies, they may be largely generic creatures like the ones Godzilla fought in the previous film, but maybe there's more going in Godzilla: King of the Monsters than we know.

Either way, since the entire premise of the new movie is that humanity and Godzilla team up to take down all the other monsters threatening the planet, Godzilla may be doing a lot more fighting than even we thought.

Of course, that assumes that by the end of the movie Godzilla has ended every threat. That may not actually be the case. Considering that the one thing we know about this franchise is that Godzilla Vs. Kong is happening, perhaps that won't be the case. At the very least, one would expect a cliffhanger ending or a post-credits scene that teases that the fight isn't quite over yet.

The battle with Ghidora looks great here, and the fact that we're expecting a couple of other major kaiju battles in Godzilla: King of the Monsters is only making things more exciting. We'll get to see all the monster smashing action in May.