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James Bond's set from filming in Jamaica

It’s hard to believe it has been four years since Spectre came out in theaters and it will be five years before the still-untitled Bond 25 comes out. For a short while we were on a fairly steady diet of Daniel Craig movies, with Skyfall and Spectre coming out three years apart and Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace coming out two years apart.

However, there was a four-year gap between Quantum of Solace and Skyfall, so I suppose we shouldn’t fret too much about Bond 25 and how long it is taking to come together. On that note, casting is finally a reality for the new movie, which will bring Daniel Craig back, assumedly for the last time.

If you are as pumped for the still-untitled Bond 25 as we are, be sure to check out our updated cast list below and check back for new add-ons to the cast and more.

James Bond in final Bond movie Bond 25

Daniel Craig as James Bond

Yes, Daniel Craig is game for at least one more round as the famous British agent 007. The actor was confirmed to be returning in July of 2017 and has been allegedly working out like a fiend since then in order to whip himself into shape for his final hurrah.

He has said it should be his last time playing the iconic character and he would be open to any gender or race taking over the role.

Rami Malek as the villain in Bond 25

Rami Malek as The Villain

Following his star-making turn as Freddie Mercury, the Mr. Robot actor will be joining the Bond franchise in a currently-unnamed villainous role. He’s already spoken to fans with a first message about his inclusion into the cast.

Due to the fact the movie will be filming in Jamaica like Dr. No, some have speculated his character will be somehow related to that character or flick, but this has currently in no way, shape or form been confirmed. Stay tuned.

felix leiter back in Bond 25

Jeffrey Wright as Felix Leiter

That’s “Wright,” the fan-favorite Westworld actor is returning to the Bond fold to play Felix Leiter in Bond 25. Like Rami Malek, this had been speculated for a while.

However, Barbara Broccoli and co. recently confirmed Jeffrey Wright’s return for the first time since he appeared in Quantum of Solace (in a role that was ultimately cut down). Bond’s friend is mentioned in Spectre and he’ll be back in this next film.

Ralph Fiennes as M in Bond 25

Ralph Fiennes as M

Taking over for the former M played by Judi Dench, this M’s full name is Lieutenant Colonel Gareth Mallory. We know this because he was originally introduced in Skyfall as the head of the Intelligence and Security Committee.

He’ll be back in Bond 25, although a month ago he said he still didn’t have any details on the movie. Ultimately, M won’t be the only MI6 character to be returning, either.

Eve Moneypenny in the field in Bond

Naomie Harris as Moneypenny

Miss Moneypenny is an iconic Bond character. In Daniel Craig’s version, she’s been given the first name Eve and has been played by Naomie Harris since 2012.

Her version was given some backstory in which she was once a field agent. She messes up royally in Skyfall during a mission in Istanbul and later is given desk work, but has occasionally taken on field work since. When last we saw her she was back in the office, so we’ll have to wait and see where Bond 25 goes, particularly given the flick is shooting in Jamaica.

Madeleine Swann is NOT a Bond Girl in Bond 25

Lea Seydoux as Madeleine Swann

Madeleine Swann, or rather Dr. Madeleine Swann, is the daughter of Mr. White, a member of SPECTRE. She had grown up resenting her father for his criminal dealings and it was those dealings that led James Bond to her.

She first pops up in – you likely guessed it – Spectre, and although she shares some “moments” with Bond, she has said in interviews that she doesn’t really feel like a stereotypical Bond girl. This is likely one of the reasons she’ll be back for another round.

Ben Whishaw's introduction as Q in the Bond universe

Ben Whishaw as Q

Q and Daniel Craig’s Bond meeting for the first time is a highlight of Skyfall as the older British Agent realizes he will be dealing with a veritable youngster as his new quartermaster.

These days, Whishaw is nearing 40 (!) and is very much a major part of the Bond franchise popping in to confirm pieces of information and more. He’ll be a welcome face when he comes back for Bond 25.

Rory Kinnear looking Stern in Spectre

Rory Kinnear as Tanner

Rory Kinnear’s big claim to fame in this franchise is playing the youngest version of Bill Tanner to exist.

Tanner is M’s Chief of Staff and Kinnear’s version first popped up in Quantum of Solace. These days, Bill Tanner is a regular fixture in Bond films, or at least this iteration of Bond films.

Dali Benssalah in Bond 25

Dali Benssalah

A French actor known for the Nox miniseries and Interrail, Dali Benssalah was confirmed to be joining the franchise during a recent press event for Bond 25.

We currently do not have details on who the actor will be playing.

Ana De Armas Bond girl

Ana De Armas

Like Dali Benssalah, Ana De Armas will be a newcomer in the Bond universe. The Cuban actress has been an actress for the past decade, more recently appearing in Hollywood movie projects like Blade Runner 2049 and War Dogs. She’ll next pop up in Danny Boyle’s highly-anticipated Yesterday and Daniel Craig's upcoming flick Knives Out.

In Bond 25 she looks as if she's set to appear as a Bond girl. More details to come.

Lashana Lynch in Bond 25

Lashana Lynch

Captain Marvel’s Lashana Lynch is also joining Bond 25.

We don’t know who she will be playing, but jumping from Marvel to Bond is not a bad franchise hop.

Billy Magnussen in Bond 25

Billy Magnussen

Game Night’s Billy Magnussen hops genres and projects all the time. He’s done comedy, as evidenced. He’s also played princes in the likes of Into The Woods and the upcoming Aladdin and he’s been involved in plenty of TV projects from Black Mirror to Tell Me A Story.

Now, he’ll be joining Bond 25. My vote is as a henchman. He just looks henchman-esque. We’ll have to wait and see though.

David Dencik

Our final entry so far is David Dencik, a Swedish actor known for The Snowman and TV’s Rig 45 and Quicksand.

He’ll be joining Bond 25 in a currently unnamed role.

As for rumors about Bond 25, there have been some suggestions the movie will also bring back returning characters like Blofeld back to wrap up this era of 007. We’ll be sure to confirm as soon as Barbara Broccoli and the studio does. For now please put this one squarely in the rumor mill.

Bond 25, which by then should have a title, will officially hit theaters on April 8, 2020. For now, take a look at what is heading to theaters with our full movies release date schedule.