How No Time To Die Picks Up After Spectre, According To Moneypenny Actress Naomie Harris

No Time To Die Moneypenny, Tanner, and Q standing in a command room

No Time To Die has a lot of various duties it’s planning to execute in theaters this November. It’s the final film of Daniel Craig’s time as James Bond, while also being one of the earliest postponed films of 2020’s film market. But most importantly, it’s going to bring the story that’s started in 2006’s Casino Royale to a thrilling conclusion. On top of all of that hype, No Time To Die has a five year gap (both in the real world and that of the story), which has given Naomie Harris’ Moneypenny some time to develop as more of a fixture in the world of modern Bond.

More specifically, Harris told HeyUGuys that the film will see her character progressing as follows:

Quite a lot of time has passed since Spectre. By the time the film is release [sic] it will be five years. That’s half a decade! Moneypenny has grown up somewhat. I think she still has her soft spot for Bond though, that’s never going to go. But she’s an independent woman with her own life.

Introduced in 2012’s Skyfall, Naomie Harris’ new reimagining of Moneypenny is less of a deskbound source of quips and more of an integral team member in the offices of MI6. Though this hasn’t stopped the 007 franchise’s modern reboot from indulging in the historical precedent of Bond and Moneypenny flirting and bantering, but never getting together, in the face of whatever danger they face. Both parties have done their own growing up, with their own relationships in and out of the office.

That five year gap between Spectre and No Time To Die has left room for a lot of more mature situations to play out in the James Bond franchise, as that period of time has been part of the basis for some wild rumors. Should the scenario that’s being hinted at be an accurate representation of what to expect at the end of writer/director Cary Joji Fukunaga’s big Bond epic, it’s more than likely the reason for such a huge gap.

It’s been understood that with the modern run of Daniel Craig films, the James Bond franchise has been building a more modern foundation for the almost 60 year series to move into the future. Just as No Time To Die will bring James Bond’s journey as a rookie agent full circle, it sounds like Naomie Harris’ Moneypenny will be given her own chance to branch out into new and interesting territory. We’ll only have to wait a little longer for No Time To Die to bring Moneypenny, and the rest of the 007 cast of characters back to theaters, as the film’s November 25th release date gets closer with every martini.

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