7 Moments From The Sonic The Hedgehog Trailer That Had Us Saying 'What?'

The first trailer for Sonic The Hedgehog has arrived, and long-time fans and the general public at large are a bit confused. That's understandable given the sheer amount of things that happen that are both foreign to those who played the video games and those who are experiencing the blue hedgehog for the first time. To highlight a lot of those confusing moments, here's a breakdown of the moments from the Sonic trailer that had me saying "what?"

Sonic The Hedgehog Is Fast, But Not As Fast As He Should Be

The trailer opens with officer Tom Wachowski hiding in a speed trap, hoping to pull over inattentive drivers going over the speed limit. Instead, he clocks Sonic The Hedgehog, who blazes by at 760 miles per hour. His immense speed causes a minor break in the sound barrier, which is actually weird considering he's going seven miles per hour under that threshold.

Now, no one is stating this is Sonic's top speed quite yet, but it's worth mentioning past video games have brought up that he is much faster than the speed of sound. Some games have alleged he'll travel at speeds exceeding 1,000 MPH, while others say exceeding 2,000 MPH is no problem. Is this a nitpicky issue? Absolutely, but it's still weird to highlight a character's immense speed by showing him traveling just under a speed record that's been broken.

Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic's Electric Quills

Sonic The Hedgehog introduced many elements to the franchise that aren't in the video games, but none were more glaring than his electric fur. Sonic conducting electricity isn't a power he's typically capable of, nor is it the source of his super speed. In SEGA canon, his power shoes are actually the source of the speed, which doesn't seem to be the case here due to all those worn out sneakers in his den.

More likely than not, the electricity is a way of introducing that Sonic's power can be examined and replicated by Dr. Robotnik. It's a bit silly considering the character's original canon already established Robotnik was a scientist who gave Sonic his shoes. It seems these two aren't familiar with each other from the sound of the trailer. Why mix things up?

Dr. Robotnik Sonic The Hedgehog

Jim Carrey's Bizarre Portrayal Of Dr. Robotnik

At first, Jim Carrey seemed like the perfect actor to portray Dr. Robotnik. The character's over the top bravado and intensity seemed perfect for the man who brought that to the Grinch, and yet, the trailer footage doesn't show that. Instead, we're given a more Ace Ventura-type performance which, while still funny, isn't exactly the type of villain Robotnik is.

Of course, there's a chance this all gets turned around by the end of the movie, as the final seconds show Carrey's character looking a lot more like the Dr. Robotnik folks are familiar with. One would assume this happens near the end of the movie, but with the implication that Sonic is from another world, perhaps this is another Robotnik entirely.

Sonic The Hedgehog

The Trailer's Song Choice

In what may be the most baffling decision made for this trailer, the entire thing rolls along while Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise" plays in the background. There's a reason why that song hasn't been used in a lot of movies since Dangerous Minds, because one would assume, there's very little that it goes to. Sonic The Hedgehog is no exception, as the iconic hip-hop track just feels like a bad song choice.

The logic, I'm assuming, is that the trailer team wanted to choose a song that invoked '90s nostalgia. Hilariously enough, "Gangsta's Paradise" was released a year after Sonic The Hedgehog 3, so it doesn't even have any real significance to the character. That is, unless it was meant as a subtle nod to the spinoff game Knuckles' Chaotix, which is doubtful.

Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog's Unsettling Human Teeth

Fans have had a lot to say about Sonic The Hedgehog's appearance, as the new look is a radical departure from the various designs of the character over the years. In those designs, he's always had an astonishing set of teeth, despite the fact that hedgehogs typically have teeth similar to dogs, but this franchise was never about realism.

Sonic's teeth might actually be the most accurate thing about his portrayal, so then why is it so damn weird to look at? Perhaps it's because he's proportioned like a human child, yet has a massive head and adult teeth? I can't put my finger on it, which has me questioning so many other things about the design.

Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog Is An Alien?

Did anyone else catch that line when Sonic told James Marsden's character he's there to save "your planet"? He meant what he said, as we've known for a while that Sonic is not of this Earth, which could very well mean he's not technically a hedgehog either.

Which might be the most ridiculous part of this entire movie if true. Retconning Sonic's hedgehog origins to make him an alien is a sin even the most casual viewer may not forgive. You know, because this movie is literally called Sonic The Hedgehog. Sure, he doesn't actually look like a hedgehog, but Robotnik isn't literally a robot and they had him act like he was one, so if this is retconned, people really have their priorities twisted.

Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic's Rings Work Like Doctor Strange's Magic?

In one of the more bizarre parts of the preview, a ring appears in which Sonic throws to send his friends to what looks like another location. It's weird, and almost feels like a direct lift from Doctor Strange. Are the rings some type of alien tech that allows him to teleport to various places?

That's not how they are in the games, with one glaring exception. Sonic does have the ability to jump inside a giant ring. which transports him to another world where he can collect more rings. That doesn't appear to be what's happening here, but it's not difficult to understand where the premise came from, and perhaps a little unfair to say it's a straight mimic of Doctor Strange. Still, he also uses rings to stay alive, so where are those?

Do you have a moment from the Sonic The Hedgehog trailer that stuck out as weird? Feel free to share in the comments below and stick with CinemaBlend for more entertainment news in movies, television, and pop culture.

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