Game Of Thrones’ Richard Madden May Be Joining Marvel’s The Eternals

Richard Madden as Robb Stark in Game of Thrones

Two of the biggest pop culture topics of conversation right now are Marvel and Game of Thrones, thanks to the former delivering Avengers: Endgame and the latter airing its final season. Richard Madden was part of Game of Thrones once upon a time as Robb Stark, and now it’s looking like he could lend his talent to Marvel as well via The Eternals.

Richard Madden is currently in talks for a major role in The Eternals. The Wrap, which broke the news, didn’t provide any details about who Madden would play, but THR has heard that he’s being eyed to bring Ikaris to life. Since the Eternals were introduced to the pages of Marvel Comics in 1976, Ikaris has been one of the principal players of that property, so if Madden is cast in that role, he’ll certainly have a lot to do.

Ikaris Marvel comics

The former Game of Thrones star, who more recently starred in The Bodyguard and can be seen in Rocketman later this month, is the fourth actor to be associated with The Eternals. Angelina Jolie has reportedly been confirmed to play Sersei, Train to Busan actor Ma Dong-seok has boarded and Kumail Nanjiani has been in talks to join the cast.

Marvel didn’t comment on Richard Madden being in consideration, nor has it provided any official plot details about The Eternals yet. However, supposedly the movie will follow the love story between Ikaris and Sersei, meaning we’d be seeing Madden and Angelina Jolie getting quite cozy with one another.

Like the other Eternals, Ikaris is long-lived and boasts incredible power. His life force is augmented by cosmic energy, allowing him total control over his physical form, to the point he’s able to regenerate tissue, levitate, shoot cosmic beams and psychically scan minds less evolved then his own, among numerous other abilities. Outside of the comics, Ikaris’ only appearance has been in the video game Marvel Heroes, but if The Eternals is anything like Guardians of the Galaxy, then he and his fellow Eternals will skyrocket in popularity once their movie is out.

Although we’re still in the dark about what The Eternals will specifically be about, earlier this year, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige talked about how the movie could stretch across many millennia, just like the original Jack Kirby stories did. It could also give us more insight into Thanos’ background, and if some, if not most of The Eternals is set in the past, maybe the Mad Titan could even pop in!

Directed by Chloe Zhao, The Eternals doesn’t have an assigned release date yet, so keep checking back with CinemaBlend for that information and more updates on its development. For now, you can look through our Marvel movies guide to learn what else the MCU has coming down the pipeline.

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