New Aladdin Clip Is Set Right Before ‘A Whole New World'

Disney’s live-action remake undertaking will soon continue with the release of a new Aladdin and fans are especially awaiting the new versions of the beloved songs from the 1992 animated musical. Is it from a new fantastic point of view? Check out this new look that sets up the highly-anticipated “A Whole New World” reimagining:

Swept away yet? The glimpse from Walt Disney Studios shows the beginning of Aladdin and Jasmine’s night before they board their magic carpet ride and break into song. Under the alias of “Prince Ali”, Aladdin is convincing the princess of Agrabah to leave her comfort behind the walls of the castle her confined world of books and maps and really go out and see the world with him. Before she can shoot out a round of excuses as to why she can’t, he reveals his magic carpet and asks her if he trusts her.

Disney fans know the “do you trust me?” line is straight out of the animated film. In the original, Jasmine first meets “street rat” Aladdin who feeds the same quote. So when the princess hears this from Ali, she knows it’s the guy she’d been crushing on from her rogue adventure outside the castle walls.

It’s a sweet moment between the couple that is lovably reminiscent of the 1992 classic. Aladdin exudes confidence with his prince persona, as he offers to show her the world and the couple will soon break out into song. The clip ends conveniently right before the track begins, serving as the perfect tease for the upcoming live-action flick. I for one am happy they cut it where they did, a moment like this should be seen for the first time on the big screen.

The first Aladdin trailer did include a bit of the “Whole New World” song including the new vocals by Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott, but we’ll likely have to wait until the movie hits theaters later this month before we see the full sequence.

Aladdin is a remake of the fairytale, this time with the Genie to be played by Will Smith. The actor will be adding his own comedic flavor to the film and rapping the character’s signature track “Friend Like Me”. Smith recently paid a visit to Jimmy Fallon and spit a few bars and while it’s a departure from what we remember, it’s a fun new take on it.

The movie will also include two brand news songs, one another duet between Aladdin and Jasmine and the other a solo tune from Jasmine. Mena Massoud also recently teased an all-improv scene between him and Will Smith in the film.

After the under-performing result of Disney’s last live-action offering Dumbo, Aladdin is tracking to have a more successful opening weekend during the Memorial Day holiday with four-day weekend projections between $85 million and $115 million.

Did the new clip get you excited for the upcoming magic carpet ride in Aladdin when it hits theaters on May 24? Sing your song in the comments below.

Sarah El-Mahmoud
Staff Writer

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