Insidious Star Thinks A Fifth Movie Could Happen

Insidious: The Last Key Lin Shaye's face being turned up by a demon

In the world of the movies, especially within the horror genre, there are those actors who are easily identified by their franchises. With actor Lin Shaye, the Insidious franchise has always been one of her calling cards in Hollywood, as even character death hasn’t stopped her from returning to the Jason Blum, James Wan and Leigh Whannell-run franchise for each entry it’s racked up.

So when Lin Shaye says that a fifth Insidious movie could happen, we’re inclined to believe her. And that’s exactly what she’s saying, as per a recent interview that had Shaye state the following:

I think there is another one, that they have a story for that and it is very different. The last one, for me to have realized the character’s past, present, and future of my character, was a gift. I don’t know if there’s a script being written, but I think there will be another Insidious movie.

Now while Lin Shaye is saying that another Insidious film is possible, it’s crucial to remember that there isn’t any official confirmation that Blum, Wan and Whannell have a script draft for such a film yet. Shaye herself even says this, as she clearly nails home the fact that the possibility is one that she believes in.

Having said that, seeing Lin Shaye's unwavering faith that the Insidious franchise, which saw her character Elise Rainier etched into the minds of many a modern horror fan, could be returning could be a good sign. She was last seen in 2018’s Insidious: The Last Key. The film delved more into the backstory of Elise’s childhood, showing just how deep her connection with the world of The Further truly was. It was also the highest grossing film in the series, when accounting for worldwide grosses.

So Lin Shaye’s remarks to Forbes just might be accurate, as producer Jason Blum and Universal are such good business partners that taking another stab at the Insidious world could prove profitable. Considering the budget for the series has held steady at $10 million, and each sequel has had no problem clearing the $100 million mark, that’s some easy money that the franchise could be earning.

With a standard two to three years gap between Insidious films, the world feels overdue for another round of spectral mayhem. Any minute now, Jason Blum and Universal could announce that James Wan and Leigh Whannell had a script for Insidious 5 sitting in their back pockets, just waiting to wow the world with a new and different adventure.

Maybe it’d be the continuing adventures of her fictional niece, Imogen Rainier, or perhaps that Sinister crossover that was once proposed might just get off the ground. Let’s not forget, she did say it’d be a pretty different film, and the rules are pretty clear on where Elise can and cannot be used in the Insidious franchise.

It’s all rumor and speculation for now, but as soon as something definite is announced in either direction, you can come back here to CinemaBlend and we’ll be reporting the cold hard facts.

Lin Shaye can currently be seen in Room For Rent, a thriller that’s available on VOD through Amazon Prime, Google Play, and YouTube for rental or purchase.

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