Stan Lee’s Business Manager Has Been Charged With Elder Abuse

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After his November passing, Stan Lee left behind an incredible legacy with his contributions to Marvel. However, the last year of his life was not kind to the comic book icon, namely with the tumultuous relationship between him and his former business manager, Keya Morgan. After Lee was granted a restraining order against Morgan back in August for claims over mishandling over $5 million of his money receiving physical and emotional abuse from him, Morgan has been charged with five counts of elder abuse against Stan Lee.

The Los Angeles superior court has issued an arrest warrant against Stan Lee’s former business manager with charges that include false imprisonment, fraud and forgery, per The Guardian. Along with allegedly taking advantage of the Marvel Comics legend’s fortune, Keya Morgan also has been accused of moving Lee to an undisclosed location to isolate him from his family and friends and using their relationship to embezzle artwork as well.

An incident in May 2018 fueled the fire when Keya Morgan reportedly dialed 911 while with Stan Lee’s Los Angeles home with visiting police and a social worker to get them arrested for “trespassing” while they were called to help him perform a welfare check. Morgan was arrested with charges of filing a false police report. While in June, Stan Lee originally refuted claims regarding Keya Morgan, he decided to file the restraining order a few months later. It required Morgan to stay at least 100 yards away from Lee for three years.

The business manager was also accused of taking hold of Stan Lee’s Twitter account to post some irregular tweets and being behind a 2018 $1 billion lawsuit by Lee against his own company Pow! Entertainment, which was dropped a couple months later by the comics creator. Morgan has defended the accusations against him with claims that they are motivated by Lee’s daughter JC, who is leading a “witch hunt” with their lawyer because she could not stand how much Stan Lee liked him so much.

The lawyers representing Stan Lee Lee and his daughter, Kirk Schenck and Jonathan Freund said that since Lee lost his wife Joan in 2017, multiple people have attempted to get close to Stan Lee, his business and affairs to take advantage of him. In Schenck’s words to The Guardian:

Elder abuse is becoming more and more common as celebrities and famous world figures are living longer and longer, amassing a significant wealth profile along the way. Many elderly artists like Stan Lee are creative personality types that tended to defer financial decisions to others their whole life. The problem arises as celebrities get older and slowly lose their ability to monitor their fiduciaries – even ones they’d trusted for years.

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Sounds like Stan Lee was facing a tough reality at the end of his life as multiple people close to him were seeking to exploit his fortune. In addition to recently becoming a widower, Lee was faced with over $2 million dollars in robberies that year, health issues and someone even stole some of his blood to forge his signature on Black Panther comic books in Las Vegas.

Controversies aside, the Marvel legend played a part in the recent MCU culmination by providing his last cameo in Avengers: Endgamewhich has made well over $2.5 billion at the box office worldwide in less than three weeks on the big screen.

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