New Annabelle Comes Home Clip Puts The Warrens In Serious Danger

Annabelle sitting innocently, plotting evil deeds

Probably the most exciting thing about this summer’s Annabelle Comes Home is that Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga’s paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren from The Conjuring films will be a part of the spinoff. The third movie in The Conjuring Universe’s Annabelle series sees the titular doll creating a night of horror for the Warren family and in a new clip from the movie, she puts Ed and Lorraine in serious danger. Take a look:

Superstition dictates that you are supposed to hold your breath when driving past a cemetery, so breaking down outside one with a possessed doll in your car is really not ideal at all. I feel like it’s a common horror trope to see a killer or a ghost in the backseat of the car, but here Lorraine is in the (relative) safety of the car with the evil doll and Ed is outside, surrounded by the spirits of the dead.

The push from the ghost is quite jarring, although Lorraine seems perhaps less disturbed than she should be. It almost has something of a comedic quality to it as the elderly ghost pushes Ed into the road with linebacker-like force. It then becomes clear though that these spirits aren’t just messing with the Warrens; they are actively trying to kill Ed, by pushing him in front of a truck and controlling the truck to prevent the driver from stopping.

When you’re dealing with the supernatural, even demonologists like the Warrens can be caught off guard and unprepared for what happens next. That means that you can never be too sure that you aren’t in danger.

Upon seeing this, Lorraine comes to the realization that Annabelle’s power is more potent than imagined and the doll acts as a beacon for other spirits. Like Sauron gathering all evil to him, Annabelle draws in other spirits, exponentially compounding her threat level.

This scene likely takes place at the beginning of Annabelle Comes Home on the night that the Warrens are bringing the doll home to be put in their artifacts room. They are doing so to keep it from causing more harm, but the fact that Annabelle acts as a beacon both makes her more dangerous to be out in the world and simultaneously a risky thing to place in the artifacts room alongside occult items.

Obviously that move will lead to the R-rated horror version of Night at the Museum this film has in store as Annabelle acts like a Pied Piper and awakens all the evil’s contained in the Warren’s home, all of which set their sights on ten-year-old Judy, played by Mckenna Grace. Annabelle Comes Home is directed by Annabelle and Annabelle: Creation writer, and the creator of the cancelled-too-soon Swamp Thing, Gary Dauberman.

Annabelle Comes Home to theaters on June 28. Check out our 2019 Release Schedule to keep track of all this summer’s biggest movies.

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