Men In Black International Should Hit A Box Office Milestone Thanks To International Sales

Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson riding a hovercycle in Men in Black: International

Men in Black International may finally show us the global reach of the MIB organization after the New York based nature of the previous three films, but it could prove appropriately named for another reason when it debuts in theaters this weekend. Sony’s sequel/spinoff film starring Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson is opening both domestically and abroad this weekend and thanks in large part to the international box office, it is looking to cross the $100 million milestone.

As we enter the weekend, Men in Black International is tracking to make a modest $30 million domestically. Contrast that with the $70 million to $85 million it is expected to make overseas this weekend and MIB International is looking like the foreign market will be what ultimately determines the success of the film. Thanks to that brighter outlook overseas, Men in Black International is looking at a worldwide debut between $100-$115 million according to Deadline.

Crossing the $100 million mark in its opening weekend would be a solid start that would go a long way towards putting the Sony film in the black. Despite being a special effects driven movie in an established franchise, MIB International wasn’t as costly as you might think. The $110 million budget that’s been reported may even be inflated, as Deadline’s sources indicate that it may be actually under $100 million and with co-financing deals and millions in promotional partnerships, Sony’s risk is mitigated.

Men in Black International is opening in 56 overseas markets this weekend, including France, Korea and China, where it is expected to match the film’s domestic opening of around $30 million. The Men in Black films have traditionally performed well overseas and those markets will make up the lion’s share of the film’s opening weekend, but it remains to be seen how much it will resonate overall.

Men in Black 3 was the only film in the series released in China, where it made $77 million, but given the years that the franchise has been dormant and the new cast, it is difficult to look to the franchise’s previous titles for box office insight. Sony is certainly hoping that the popularity of Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson from their MCU outings rubs off on Men in Black International.

International audiences will have to carry the fourth film in the Men in Black franchise because the outlook for F. Gary Grey’s film domestically is more muted. Recent franchise sequels like Godzilla: King of the Monsters, The Secret Life of Pets 2 and Dark Phoenix have performed below expectations in recent weeks and that likely explains the $30 million domestic tracking heading in to opening weekend, down from $40 million a few weeks back.

The three previous Men in Black films have all opened domestically to over $50 million in their 3-days but they also all opened over holiday weekends and this Friday’s Flag Day does not qualify. Men in Black International will also be fighting against critical drubbing, but Sony is hoping that nostalgia helps fuel it.

If nothing else, the competition is thin this weekend. Shaft is expected to do between $17-$18 million domestic while Late Night is looking at $4-$5 million as it goes wide.

Men in Black International opens in theaters this weekend. Check out our 2019 Release Schedule to see what you can look forward to the rest of this summer.

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