Jon Hamm Is Disappointed He Hasn’t Done A Star Wars Movie Yet

Jon Hamm

It's a great time to be a Star Wars fan. While the franchise will be taking a short break following the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, over the last five years we've nearly doubled the number of Star Wars movies that exist. When things get back on track, we'll be getting even more movies. If you love Star Wars this is great.

It's also great if you want to be in a Star Wars movie. The opportunities for getting a role in the franchise are better than they've ever been. The franchise has already made global stars out of people like Daisy Ridley and John Boyega and people who are already huge stars, like Daniel Craig and Laura Dern have been able to pick up roles of varying sizes and make themselves part of the galaxy, far, far away. However, there are still a lot more actors out there who would like to join the franchise who have yet to find their place.

One of those actors is John Hamm, who, in a recent interview segment for Buzzfeed alongside his Good Omens co-star Nick Offerman, Hamm revealed that the Star Wars franchise is one he really wants to become part of, but he has yet to be given a shot. According to Hamm...

My version of that is the Star Warsstuff. There’ve been moreStar Warsthings with more people in them. Where’s my phone call? I’ve been a nerf-herder. I get the lingo.

It's somewhat understandable that Jon Hamm might start to feel left out after four Star Wars movies have come out in the last four years, with a fifth movie on the way. There have been numerous potential opportunities for Hamm to play a role, but apparently nobody at Lucasfilm has thought to call him.

Jon Hamm isn't the only one feeling left out. Recently Emma Thompson revealed that her agent even contacted Lucasfilm at one point in the past to try and secure her a part, but that she was turned down.

On the plus side, if Jon Hamm, or really any human being walking the earth, wants to be in a Star Wars movie, there's still a better than usual chance that such a thing could happen. Three more Star Wars movies have been announced after Rise of the Skywalker, and while we know essentially nothing about them, that only means that anybody could potentially be cast in any role. The possibilities are endless until we have a clue what is planned for the films.

Jon Hamm would probably make a great addition to the Star Wars universe, though one expects that there will be a lot of competition from both established stars and up and comers who are looking for a spot in the popular series.

Check out Jon Hamm's comments in the video below.

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