Toy Story 4’s Director Was ‘Shocked’ By How Funny Keanu Reeves Is

Keanu Reeves As Duke Caboom In Toy Story 4

Thanks to the success of John Wick 3 and the early positive reviews for Keanu Reevesnew Toy Story character Duke Caboom, the actor is having a bit of a moment. Seriously, people are calling him the Internet’s new boyfriend and even signing petitions right now to keep him in the limelight. But what they may not know about the actor is he’s quite funny in real life.

In fact, director Josh Cooley recently told CinemaBlend Keanu’s contributions were the biggest surprise for him while making the movie. He revealed he was "shocked," noting,

I think I was shocked about how funny Keanu Reeves is. On camera and off camera. Just naturally funny, so that just stuck in my head because I wasn’t prepared for that.

Having seen Toy Story 4, I can confirm Duke Caboom gets some of the funniest moments and some of the most excellent (to paraphrase another Keanu Reeves movie) storylines in the film. However, it wasn’t always apparent that Reeves was going to be a funnyman around the Toy Story 4 office. Although, now that footage has been running around featuring Reeves in action, you can see exactly what Josh Cooley means.

In our interview with director Josh Cooley and producer Mark Nielsen, the two talked about the most amusing moments on set. Take a look.

According to Mark Nielsen, the already famous “plush rush” is going to be the moment that has everyone in theaters caught off guard.

I always loved the Ducky and Bunny scene. Without giving anything away, Ducky and Bunny’s moment alone with Margaret the store owner that happens in the film is always one that catches everybody off guard. No one’s ready for that.

Eagle-eyed viewers have probably caught a bit of the moment Mark Nielsen is alluding to in the early marketing for the film. It’s a comedic storyline featuring new characters Ducky and Bunny (played by Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele) that’s definitely a standout, and your kids will probably be emulating as y'all are leaving the theaters after the movie lets out.

Nielsen also went on to tell CinemaBlend that director Josh Cooley is also funny guy and his comedic sensibility shows through in nearly every frame of the film, which is why Toy Story 4 is exceptionally funny, even when compared with some of the other Toy Story films.

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This movie is going to make you laugh, hopefully far more than the other three Toy Story franchise movies. Don’t believe me? Early takes have all been pretty kind to the new movie, and for a time it was running at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. (At the time of this writing, it had dropped to 98%.)

Maybe you’re not a Toy Story franchise guy or gal in general, but if you are, this one definitely has a lot of pros, least of which is the talented returning cast and new characters. Whoops, we forgot to mention funny. Toy Story 4 definitely has a lot of pros, least of which is the talented and funny cast. Catch the animated Disney and Pixar flick starting on June 21, and be sure to look into all of the new Toy Story characters with our full guide.

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