Bill And Ted 3 Writer Compares Face The Music To The First Two Movies

Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure Bill and Ted shredding on air guitar, with most excellent smiles

If you’re a fan of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and/or Bogus Journey, you’ve probably been mining the internet for all the info you can get on the latest installment, Bill and Ted Face The Music. And as luck would have it, series’ co-creator/writer Ed Solomon has been delivering on that front every chance he’s gotten, and this weekend was no exception. When asked by a fan to describe the tone of this third part, Solomon compared it to the first two films in these terms:

As far as how Bill and Ted Face The Music stacks up with the first two films, Ed Solomon is of the mind that it hews closer to Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure in terms of where it lands. Which will probably be a relief for fans who may favor that first film more when compared to its sequel, Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey. Much like Ghostbusters fans, your mileage is going to vary on such a storied duology.

But the most interesting part comes from the points that follow, as Ed Solomon mentions the weight of age and experience weighing on our time traveling pair. With an initial plot synopsis that merely said Alex Winter’s Bill and Keanu Reeves’ Ted would be visited by a future citizen, telling them that their music would save the world, this is a really new development.

Though ever since the film has been confirmed as actually happening, “development” is the watch word for Bill and Ted Face The Music. Since it kicked off its press rounds, we’ve found out that William Sadler is reprising his role as Death from Bogus Journey, and that Barry’s Anthony Carrigan would be playing the film’s villain.

And that’s not even taking into account that Kid Cudi will also have a role in the film, as well as the fact that Bill and Ted both have daughters. Aptly named Billie and Thea, Bridgette Lundy Paine and Samara Weaving will be playing those roles, respectively. As an additional fun fact – they’re both named after their father’s best friend in the world.

With kids, the fate of the world and almost 30 years of history between now and the last time we saw them, it’s quite obvious that Bill and Ted Face The Music is going to try and catch us up with the laughs and love that these best bros have shared. But as with any good story, and as Ed Solomon himself even said in his Twitter update on the film, “The best comedy, to me, is absurdity rooted in human truth.”

The beautifully absurd truth that is Bill and Ted Face The Music is currently filming, with a release date of August 21, 2020. Give yourself an air guitar break if you haven’t already, because that’s news worthy of a good shred. Oh, and if you think this news is good, you should read the story about how Solomon and Tommy Lee Jones butt heads over Men In Black’s tone.

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