The Informer Trailer: Watch Joel Kinnaman Fight His Way Through Prison

In Suicide Squad, Joel Kinnaman’s Rick Flag is an Army Special Forces colonel who finds himself surrounded by criminals as part of a dangerous mission. For Joel Kinnaman’s new movie The Informer, he again plays a highly trained soldier surrounded by criminals, only this time he is more outnumbered and has almost no one on his side. Check out Joel Kinnaman fighting his way through prison in the new trailer for The Informer:

Anytime you watch a crime drama where a police informant is surrounded by criminals, there is a sense of constant tension that things could go south at any moment and that is definitely present in the trailer for The Informer. Joel Kinnaman’s Pete Koslow is an FBI informant, forced into prison, where he is constantly watched and under threat and to survive he’ll have to fight his way through.

The one thing that’s not clear from this trailer is that Joel Kinnaman’s character is a former Special Forces soldier, and he wound up becoming a felon after a fight to protect his wife. So he’s got some serious skills and might be doing his best Rorschach impression from Watchmen, letting everyone know they’re locked in there with him. The trailer makes it look like the fights will be particularly bloody and brutal in this film, but Pete’s skills may not be enough given everything he’s up against.

What’s intriguing about this crime drama is the dynamics at play between the various parties. Pete Koslow is a pawn in the games of the FBI and the mob, with the former using him to take down NYC’s biggest mob boss and the latter using him to funnel drugs into the prison. Not to mention the NYPD, which seemingly comes after him when one of their own is killed while undercover.

The corruption angle that this story seems to be leaning into means that not everyone wearing a badge is a good guy. That should give The Informer some moral ambiguity to play in, which should heighten the tension even more. This all puts Pete in an extremely dangerous situation with no easy way out.

He may be an informant for the FBI, but as we see in the trailer, their word to him means nothing and he is a completely disposable asset. But of course it’s not just his life on the line, he has a family under threat as well. That means that if he wants to get out of prison and save his family, he’ll have to do everything himself.

In addition to Joel Kinnaman, who besides Suicide Squad is probably best known for his television work like The Killing, Altered Carbon and most recently Hanna, this trailer shows what a talented cast The Informer has put together. Between this and Gemini Man, it’s a good year for Clive Owen playing manipulative characters.

The recently cast star of Amazon’s Wheel of Time series, Oscar nominee Rosamund Pike is also on hand, as is Common and Bond 25 Bond girl, Ana de Armas. The Informer is directed by actor Andrea Di Stefano, who made his directorial debut with the 2014 crime drama Escobar: Paradise Lost.

The Informer arrives in theaters on August 16. Check out our 2019 Release Schedule to keep track of everything else headed your way this summer.

Nick Evans

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