Altered Carbon And Pacific Rim Are Getting Spinoffs On Netflix

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Netflix is always one to surprise its audience with unique adaptations and spinoffs, and this news is no exception. The streaming service revealed that it's in the process of developing anime spinoffs for the Pacific Rim film franchise, as well as its Netflix original series Altered Carbon. The spinoffs are a result of a collaboration with Asian entertainment, which will export both of these shows to subscribers worldwide.

The Altered Carbon spinoff doesn't have a ton of details but is said to explore "new elements" of the story's mythology. That description, plus the fact that the live-action series is currently developing Season 2, could mean this is an adventure separate from the one of Takeshi Kovacs. It could also be a tale that dives into Takeshi's life before the events of Season 1, before he was re-sleeved and put to work for Laurens Bancroft.

Netflix enlisted some top-tier anime talent for its Altered Carbon series, as writer Dai Sato will pen the upcoming anime. Sato is known for his contributions to works like Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, various installments of Ghost in the Shell, and many other notable anime shows. Sato will be joined by writer Tsukasa Kondo, and animation will be handled by Anima animation studio.

Pacific Rim

As for the Pacific Rim anime, a few more details are out on the franchise's latest venture. The project will be set during the battles between Kaiju and Jaegers and will unveil a new story that promises to expand upon the first two films in the franchise. The tale follows an "idealistic" teen boy and his "naive" younger sister as they travel in an abandoned Yeager across dangerous lands in search of their missing parents.

The Pacific Rim anime has Thor: Ragnarok writer Craig Kyle sharing a co-showrunner gig with former head of writing for X-Men: Evolution Greg Johnson. Legendary Entertainment will be overseeing the production of the project, and no animation studio is listed at this time. Regardless, it's exciting to think what this show can become with both these men at the helm.

The Pacific Rim and Altered Carbon spinoffs were two of five announced anime Netflix intends to collaborate on in Asia. The others, while not as buzzworthy of the first two, still sound like something fans of anime will be excited for. Beyond the previously mentioned, Cagaster of an Insect Cage, Yasuke, and Trese will arrive on the platform somewhere down the road. Netflix also announced the development of some live-action originals that will be produced in Thailand and China.

The Altered Carbon and Pacific Rim spinoffs are currently in development, but it may be a while before we see either on Netflix. For a look at what's happening on television in the meantime, head on over to our fall premiere guide. Our 2018 Netflix premiere schedule is worth a look as well.

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