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Family Involved In Disneyland Brawl Told Police It Never Happened

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Earlier this week a video went viral that showed a family getting involved in a very physical and violent fight in the heart of the happiest place on Earth. The brawl seemed to rage all over the Toontown area of Disneyland and lasted for several minutes before park security escorted the group out of the park. That might have been the end of the story. However, things have taken a fairly odd turn, as it seems that after the incident, the family told Anaheim Police that the fight never happened.

While the situation seems rather obvious since there is actual video of nearly the entire altercation, the issue is one of timing. Disneyland security turned the matter over to Anaheim Police outside the park after the fight was over, and the video of the event did not start making the rounds until the next day, so when questioned, the police did not have any direct evidence of what had happened.

Now the video has come to light, The Anaheim Police say it "makes things clear" regarding the incident and the case has now been presented to the prosecutor's office. With the addition of the video evidence, charges could be filed against the family.

While people were obviously curious considering what they had seen why nobody had been arrested following the fight, the simple fact is the people involved were uncooperative, and so there was little the police could do at the time. They did not know that a guest had filmed the entire thing as the event played out in the park.

One wonders if the family will be a bit more cooperative now that the video has gone viral. The whole story may be coming out eventually.

Disneyland has since posted its own statement on the event.

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The video opens with a family involved in a heated verbal altercation before fists start to fly. It's hard to tell exactly what the item at issue is, or why it's taking place in the middle of Mickey's Toontown, but it all breaks down rather quickly. Some Disneyland cast members and even other guests attempt to break up the fight but that only results in it starting up elsewhere in the land. Cast members try to keep other guests from being injured before security arrives to truly break things up.

If you missed the video of the fight the first time around, you can check out below if you wish, but be warned, this video is NSFW and contains violent content.

While a place like Disneyland is meant to make everybody happy, it's also true that major events like trips to Disneyland can be quite stressful and that stress can boil over, especially in the Southern California heat. Luckily, I've never seen anything like this in my frequent visits to the park. For the most part, everybody is quite happy to be there.

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