Taron Egerton Says Rumors He Will Be The Next Wolverine Are Unfounded, But He's Into It

Taron Egerton in Robin Hood

Beyond wanting to know ‘when’ and ‘how’ it will happen, the biggest question about the X-Men joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe is who is going to play Wolverine. Recently, rumors have pegged Rocketman actor Taron Egerton as the one who will don the adamantium claws in the MCU. Yet if these rumors are true, no one has told Taron Egerton about it because as far as the actor is concerned, they are completely unfounded, as he explained:

That one I think is just a rumour. As far as I'm aware it's unfounded. I don't know if I'm quite grisly enough.

As far as Taron Egerton is aware, he is not going to be playing Wolverine in the MCU. The actor’s words come off less like a prepared denial and more like he genuinely doesn’t know anything about it. That means that unless Marvel is looking at him for the role, but hasn’t told him yet, which is theoretically possible if casting is in the early stages, the rumors about him joining the Weapon X program are unfounded, at least for now.

In addition to refuting the casting rumors, Taron Egerton told Heart Breakfast (via Digital Spy) that he doesn’t know if he is even right for the role of Wolverine. The actor who has played the flamboyant rock star Elton John in Rocketman and the suited and booted spy Eggsy in the Kingsman films feels that he might not be grisly enough to play the notoriously gruff member of the X-Men.

That said, although he’s not sure he’s right for the part, Taron Egerton would still be into playing Wolverine or joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe in any capacity, as he continued:

I mean if the people at Marvel think I am then great, let's go. But I think there are probably better candidates. But I would love to be involved with that world somewhere.

If Marvel Studios has its eye on Taron Egerton to play the next Wolverine, he sounds up for the gig, but admits that there are probably better candidates. Yet, even if one of those unnamed better candidates gets the Wolverine part, Taron Egerton would still like to be a part of the MCU.

And with that universe ever expanding, and some clues as to where hopefully arriving this week, there will be no shortage of opportunities to do just that. I’m not sure about Wolverine, but Taron Egerton could make a great Johnny Storm.

It’s tough to say if Taron Egerton is right for Wolverine without knowing what direction Marvel will take with the character. Taron Egerton is 5’9”, so he would be closer to Wolverine’s stature than the 6’2” Hugh Jackman, but still taller than Daniel Radcliffe, who was also rumored for the role. Taron Egerton also doesn’t have the hair color we usually associate with Wolverine, but I’m not sure that’s a sticking point.

Taron Egerton definitely has the acting ability (see: Rocketman) and the action chops (see: Kingsman, Robin Hood) to play Wolverine, and as far as him not being grisly enough, the same could have been said about musical theater actor Hugh Jackman prior to his casting.

Everything Kevin Feige has said indicates that the X-Men are still years away from making their MCU debut. Assuming that’s true, I don’t know that we should expect Marvel to settle on anyone yet. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t be surprised if Marvel Studios is already in the early stages of tossing names around for possible Wolverines.

Hugh Jackman was the face of Fox’s X-Verse and even if Wolvie isn’t the main character this time around, he is a fan favorite and his casting will still be very important and highly scrutinized.

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