Don’t Worry, Original Michael Myers Actor Nick Castle Will Be Back For The New Sequel

Michael Myers' mask in the halloween reboot

In the history of Hollywood horror, Michael Myers is one of the all-time greats. The character, known only as "The Shape" in the script for the 1978 original Halloween film, was played by writer/director Nick Castle in the first movie, and when the franchise saw a major reboot last year, he returned to play the older, but no less homicidal, Myers.

During San Diego Comic Con, we learned that not one, but two films following the reboot were now in development, and if anybody was worried that anybody else might wear the iconic William Shatner mask, they can relax, as Nick Castle himself has now confirmed he's coming back, for at least one of the two planned movies.

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The image from Nick Castle, who even calls himself The Shape in his Twitter handle, includes a cartoonish Michael Myers grilling in front of the burning house where he supposedly died in the previous Halloween movie.

If the fact that a sequel is happening at all, combined with the fact that Myers always comes back, doesn't confirm that Myers survived, then this tweet certainly does.

Interestingly, the tweet only includes the name of the next flim, Halloween Kills, but does not include the name of the other sequel, Halloween Ends which will follow a year later. It seems that everybody wants to keep a little mystery going so that movie is being left in limbo, likely at least until the next movie comes out.

While it's technically possible that Michael Myers could truly die in the next movie and the film after that will have a different antagonist, that certainly doesn't seem likely. Still, it seems the plan is to leave that door open.

We can almost certainly say that if Michael Myers does return in Halloween Ends, Nick Castle will as well, there doesn't seem to be much reason to have him in two parts of the trilogy, or three parts of the quadrilogy, and then bring somebody new in for the last bit.

The last Halloween movie took a unique step in reboot-happy Hollywood and disavowed the multitude of sequels that came following the original Halloween. The film was a direct sequel to the original movie and one assumes, the four films together will tell their own story, and certainly, based on the title of the last movie, come to some sort of conclusion.

Nick Castle isn't the only one returning for new Halloween films. Director David Gordon Green will be helming both projects, Danny McBride will co-write the movies as well. Jamie Lee Curtis also seemingly confirmed her own return to both films with a tweet of her own.

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Halloween Kills is set for release in October of 2020 with Halloween Ends ready to bow 12 months later. The fact that both films will be shot so close together will likely make it difficult to tell just who will be around for just one movie versus both, which may very well be part of the plan.

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