Rumor: Are Two New Halloween Sequels Coming?

Laurie fighting off Michael in Halloween

The last few years have seen a renaissance in the horror genre. Filmmakers have brought unique and terrifying movies to theaters, making tons of money in the process. But the genre has also always relied on sequels, keeping the iconic villains alive to kill more teenagers in perpetuity. The new and classic combined with Blumhouse's Halloween, which rebooted the property with a new timeline, bringing back Jamie Lee Curtis' Laurie Strode in the process.

The new Halloween movie was a critical success, and made a whopping $255.5 million on a modest budget of around $10 million. All of the parties seemed interested in a possible sequel-- in particular Jason Blum himself. But when no news came this year, it seemed that another Halloween wouldn't arrive for the titular holiday's season.

But a new rumor should make fans of the long-running slasher very happy. The report indicates that Halloween director David Gordon Green was going to return for another movie. What's more, he's allegedly signed on to direct back to back sequels, meaning that the next installment in the franchise would be an epic two-partner.

It is important to note that these reports are unconfirmed by any of the powers that be. Still, Bloody Disgusting's rumor about back to back Halloween movies is enough to get even the most casual horror fans excited. The most recent movie was a direct sequel to John Carpenter's 1978 original Halloween, ignoring the myriad sequels and creating a new timeline.

It was a directing choice that really resonated with audiences, and allowed Jamie Lee Curtis to shine as a deeply traumatized protagonist. Curtis has expressed interest in playing Laurie Strode again, with the caveat being David Gordon Green's return to the director's chair. So if this rumor ends up being true, it seems like the perfect way for actress and director to collaborate for another horrifying Halloween... or two.

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Narratively, there are plenty of threads for David Gordon Green to pull from for a potential set of Halloween sequels, given the last movie's ending. The 2018 installment saw three generations of Strode women fight back against Michael. Laurie, Karen, and Allyson shot and stabbed Michael, before eventually trapping him in Laurie's basement and setting the place ablaze.

While the women made it out alive, there's a shot of the basement burning where Michael is noticeably absent, possibly hinting at his survival. What's more, his iconic breath can be heard as the credits roll. This all but guaranteed that The Shape would rise to kill again. Although this time, Karen and Allyson might be a bit more prepared for his assault.

For now we'll just have to wait and see if this rumored pair of Halloween movies truly comes to fruition. The franchise has a special place in generations of horror fans' hearts, so it's a report that is sure to get a strong reaction.

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