No, Keanu Reeves Was Never Going To Play The Villain In Hobbs And Shaw

Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham in Hobbs & Shaw

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Between Jason Statham, The Rock and Idris Elba, Hobbs & Shaw is loaded with starpower. But since it’s the Year of Keanu Reeves, when rumors surfaced that the John Wick actor could joining the Fast & Furious spinoff believing it was easy. He’s already made memorable appearances in Toy Story 4 and Netflix’s Always Be My Maybe this summer, why not? Here’s what Hobbs & Shaw director David Leitch said:

Oh, I think it’s just that I see our relationship as close because of the John Wick series. And our history with The Matrix movies. And so I think that there was a buzz around the idea of, maybe Keanu could be the villain in this. And it’s not like I didn’t even entertain it in my mind! But it wasn’t something that was ever going to be meant to be for this installment. Although looking forward in the future, it would be awesome if he would want to play in this world, for sure.

A few months ago, the Hobbs & Shaw rumor detailed that Keanu Reeves would play an even bigger villain that Idris Elba’s Brixton Lore is working for. It was even suggested he’d show up in a post-credits scene, setting up the actor as a main antagonist in a sequel for the spinoff. While Reeves admitted he was contacted about the project, he never signed on to the film or franchise.

However, as far as rumors go, the odds of Keanu Reeves joining David Leitch on a film project isn’t far fetched. The two have worked together for years. Before heading to the director’s chair, Leitch used to do stunt work on the Matrix series and was a co-director with Chad Stahelski on 2014’s John Wick before moving on to helm Atomic Blonde and Deadpool 2.

As David Leitch told Uproxx, he’s thought about casting Keanu Reeves in his newly established Hobbs & Shaw franchise. There already looks to be a ton going on in the action-comedy, especially with Idris Elba’s superpowered villain serving as an adversary for The Rock and Jason Statham. As for the future, he has Keanu Reeves on his mind if the movie does well enough to garner a sequel.

When Dwayne Johnson was asked about the rumor, he said he did talk about working with Keanu Reeves somewhere down the line, but not in Hobbs & Shaw. He’ll have to get in line with the rest of Hollywood since the actor has been beaming in popularity all year! After John Wick 3 broke box office records with it’s release, the actor also stole the show in a handful of other projects, including telling a whole crowd at video game convention E3 how breathtaking they are.

Keanu Reeves is currently filming the sequel to his ‘90s breakout Bill & Ted Face the Music and he’ll return to John Wick 4. Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige has also revealed he’s been trying to find a role for him in the MCU. The Russo Brothers said they would cast him as Moon Knight in the comic book universe.

Would you be happy to see Keanu Reeves in a Hobbs & Shaw sequel? Sound off in the comments and check out the spinoff on August 2.

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