Dwayne Johnson Clarifies Keanu Reeves Is Not In Hobbs And Shaw

Keanu reeves as John Wick

Keanu Reeves is in the middle of a massive career high right now. His John Wick franchise has never been bigger. He's got a role in the newest Toy Story movie. He's appeared in a hilarious role in a new Netflix comedy and he's going to be in one of the most highly anticipated video games of next year. On top of that, he's working on a new Bill and Ted movie and he's probably going to show up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe before too long.

It seems like Keanu Reeves is everywhere. Unfortunately, one place he won't be is the new Fast & Furious spinoff, as Dwayne Johnson has now confirmed what Keanu himself had already said, that John Wick won't be appearing in Hobbs & Shaw. According to The Rock...

I love Keanu. You know, Keanu obviously he’s having this awesome time in his career. We talked about it. We said ‘Hey dude, just somewhere down the line, let’s do something for sure. But as of now in ‘Hobbs & Shaw’, not Keanu.

Keanu Reeves had been asked directly about the rumors that he would be appearing in Hobbs & Shaw, and he said it wasn't happening. If there was any hope that Keanu was just trying to get people to lose the scent, that would seem unlikely as Dwayne Johnson is just as adamant with MTV that it isn't happening.

However, one thing that Dwayne Johnson does say here, which Keanu Reeves also referenced, is that the rumor Keanu was appearing was apparently born from some truth. There were conversations about Keanu appearing the film, they just never came to a deal.

In fact, from the way The Rock says it, it sounds like there weren't just conversations about Keanu and Dwayne Johnson working on this movie together, but general discussions about the two working on something together at some point. Johnson is a producer on Hobbs & Shaw as well as a star and Johnson always has several irons in the fire when it comes to film projects..

Needless to say, the idea of Dwayne Johnson and Keanu Reeves being in a movie together sounds like just the greatest thing ever. Both actors are incredibly popular with fans, if these two were ever on the screen at the same time it might create some sort of pop culture singularity.

While Keanu Reeves may not be appearing in Hobbs & Shaw, it sounds like we might still get a cool appearance by somebody we don't know about in the movie. Check out Johnson's full comments below where he adds a very interesting "however" to the end of his statement about Reeves.

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Hobbs & Shaw is looking to bring a lot of that Fast &Furious magic even without Keanu Reeves appearing. Fans are enjoying the Keanussance of the actor's career and it sounds like Dwayne Johnson is one of those fans. Johnson is one of the most marketing savvy individuals in Hollywood and it seems quite likely he would take any opportunity to work with Reeves. There's a good chance we'll see these two on screen together down the road.

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