What MCU Role Should Keanu Reeves Play? The Russo Brothers Consider

Keanu Reeves

Right now, it seems that there are two things in pop culture that pretty much everybody in the world loves with no reservations, one is the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the other is Keanu Reeves. They are both so insanely popular right now that the only thing that could make either of them bigger would be for Keanu Reeves to sign on to an MCU movie. Which is, of course, why a lot of people want just that.

Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige has recently admitted that Marvel and Keanu Reeves have spoken about roles for him in the MCU on multiple occasions, however they have yet to find the right fit. Recently, writer/director Kevin Smith spoke to Joe and Anthony Russo for IMDb and he asked the departing duo who they would like to see Reeves play. They turn the question back on their interviewer, and get an interesting idea back...

Anthony Russo: That’s a good question.Joe Russo: I don’t know, it’s limitless, right? Who would you put him in?Kevin Smith: Moon Knight.Joe Russo: Right, that’s a good call.

Both the Russos seem to dig the idea of Keanu Reeves as Moon Knight. It probably would be a popular choice, if only because Moon Knight, while not a mainstream comic book character, is one that fans have voiced a desire to see for a long time. Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn has even hinted he has an idea for a Moon Knight movie, but that was years ago, and we've heard nothing about it since.

In the comics, Moon Knight is a former U.S. Marine named Marc Spector who becomes the earthly avatar of the Egyptian Moon God Khonshu. The character has received comparisons to Batman, because he is primarily skilled in hand-to-hand fighting while also using a variety of different gadgets to accomplish his goals. His costume, while white, is otherwise also similar.

Moon Knight in Marvel Comics

Moon Knight has long been rumored for either an MCU film or possibly a TV series. The name Moon Knight didn't come up at all during Marvel Studios recent San Diego Comic-Con panel, so it looks like there are no plans for him in the next couple of years, but between new movies and the focus on Disney+ TV series, there are a lot of places the character could certainly pop up in the future.

Certainly, of all the people who could play Moon Knight, Keanu Reeves is far from a terrible choice. Although, he may have reached his quota of "guy who runs around in the dark taking down everything that moves" with the John Wick movies, so he might want to look for something a little different.

If Reeves and Marvel have been talking on a regular basis, it feels like it's only a matter of time before the actor joins the MCU. If he's interested and the studio wants him, it's just a question of details. Of course, if there's a role Keanu Reeves wants, he should probably just tell Marvel. It worked for Mahershala Ali.

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