Joker Final Trailer Has The Supervillain Claiming His Name

Over the past decade or so, the superhero genre has become the most profitable and popular in the business. Plenty of studios have attempted to get in on this trend, and make money in the process. This has led some critics to fear "superhero fatigue", although certain projects are standing out among the rest of the fold. Chief among them is Todd Phillips' Joker, which is set outside the canon of the DC Extended Universe.

Joker is a psychological drama that will explore how Joaquin Phoenix's Arther Fleck eventually ascends to become Batman's most iconic villain. The trailers have teased a comic book movie unlike anything we've seen before, and the final trailer has provided more footage that will get fans excited. Especially as the protagonist takes on the mantle of the Joker for the first time. Check it out.

Does anyone else have chills? This new trailer reveals plenty of new clips from Joker, and may help to lay out the narrative of Todd Phillips' upcoming comic book flick. And it looks like it's going to be a super dark one.

This new trailer for Joker opens on Joaquin Phoenix's Arthur Fleck, and shows how constantly the world around him is beating him down. While traveling on a bus in 1981 Gotham City, he's immediately scolded by a mother for making her son laugh. We see the film's protagonist in some sort of therapy session, with his counselor telling him it will be their last visit together. But he claims she was never doing a very good job, and that the only thoughts in his head are dark ones.

More glimpses of Arthur Fleck's sad life are shown, as he's living in squaller while attempting to become a comedian. To make ends meet he seemingly does odd jobs, including dressing as a clown and to advertise on the street. But Gotham City continues to beat him down, literally.

Heavily featured in this final trailer is Robert De Niro's Murray Franklin, a popular talk show host. The character is an homage to De Niro's role in The King of Comedy, although this time the tables are turned as he's the host with the show. Murray Franklin is shown mocking Arthur Fleck's stand-up set, an event that seems to change Arthur Fleck's mood and possibly his fate in the movie.

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Gotham City's unrest is clear throughout this new footage, as there are a mass of people dressed as clowns and protesting outside of a showing of Charlie Chaplan's classic Modern Times. This seems to delight Arthur Fleck, who is shown transforming his appearance to become the Joker that we know and love.

The most powerful moment of this new Joker trailer comes in its final moments. Arthur Fleck is finally able to appear on Murray Franklin's show, although he's in full clown regalia, including his signature green hair, makeup, and Joker suit. After meeting the host, he asks that he introduces him as Joker. And just like that, the supervillain is born.

We'll be able to see what Todd Phillips has in store with the psychological origin story when Joker arrives in theaters October 4th, after premiering at the Venice and Toronto film festivals. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Corey Chichizola
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