Chandler Riggs Says He'd Love To Join The Walking Dead Movie

Carl Grimes In The Walking Dead BEfore His Death

It’s hard to believe that Chandler Riggs’ Carl Grimes has been out of The Walking Dead universe since the end of Season 8. The show is heading into Season 10 and we’ve lost so much in the time since. But fans who have stuck with the show – and characters like Rick and Carl – from the beginning will soon be rewarded with a theatrical release starring Rick.

Could that mean Chandler Riggs will somehow come into play in the big screen release too? He’s currently heading to ABC’s A Million Little Things, but if you ask the actor, he would very much want to appear in the Rick-centric TWD film. Here’s what he said:

I hope so. That would be amazing. It'd be so much fun to get to work with Andy again. That'd be great.

Speaking to TV Guide, Chandler Riggs expressed interest with working with “Andy,” who just so happens to be Andrew Lincoln. Lincoln played Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead well into Season 9. Although his character is no longer on the series, he will be the star of the upcoming -- and still untitled -- movie based on the popular series.

Still, while Chandler Riggs seems keen, a return from Carl Grimes could be a bit problematic, to say the least. Although we didn’t see Carl commit suicide on the small screen, he did come into contact with a walker and was heard shooting himself in the head so as not to reanimate. We later saw Carl get buried and there’s a grave. So the idea that a present-day tale could incorporate Carl is slim.

Unlike Rick, Carl shouldn’t still be around in The Walking Dead universe, but that doesn't factor out a possibility such as a flashback. Still, we don’t know much about where the new movie will be going or when it will be released. However, Norman Reedus has said he hopes for a reunion between Rick and Daryl on the show, noting "the family" has always been a key part of the universe and that it would make sense to bring the two characters back together in the new movie. A few weeks ago, we also learned that The Walking Dead movie will be getting a theatrical release.

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As for Chandler Riggs, whether or not the AMC movie decides to bring in Carl Grimes in any way, shape or form, the younger actor is sitting pretty in Hollywood. He recently landed a gig in the aforementioned A Million Little Things, where he will play a young man who has a connection with Rome. Currently, he's only expected to have a two-episode arc on the show, and we can't wait to see how the episodes pan out. He's also expected to appear in the crime thriller Inherit the Viper.

As for The Walking Dead show, the AMC drama is currently prepping for its tenth season, which will also be the final season for Danai Gurira, who tearfully confirmed her upcoming exit at San Diego Comic-Con earlier this year. Season 10 of The Walking Dead will hit AMC on Sunday, October 6 at 9 p.m. ET. For more premieres, take a look at CinemaBlend's fall TV schedule.

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