What Happened To Luke Skywalker's Hand? Mark Hamill Reveals Hilarious Star Wars 'Fact'

Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Luke Skywalker in Cloud City about to lose his hand

Star Wars icon Mark Hamill is the king of dad jokes, and there is no end to the hand jokes and memes when it comes to Luke Skywalker. Hamill's new "hand job" joke is so bad, Luke's own dad Darth Vader might finally approve of him.

You know Darth Vader cut off Luke's hand in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Luke got a new robotic yet real-looking hand, but what happened to the original hand?

It joined The Addams Family, of course!

Mark Hamill shared a meme with that "little known fact," and you really have to pay attention to his hashtags because the last one might even make Kylo Ren crack a smile.

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That really sent the puns flying for both Star Wars and Addams Family fans -- "Don't let it uncle fester," "Hand Solo, "Cool hand, Luke!" -- but the real win goes to The Addams Family itself. The official account replied to Mark Hamill .. with a hand wave emoji ... and fans loved it:

I'm all in favor of a Star Wars and Addams Family crossover, after their movies come out this year. The Addams Family opens in theaters this Halloween, and Luke Skywalker will return one last time, apparently as a Force Ghost, in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Luke Skywalker was killed in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, so what happened to THAT mechanical hand? Maybe we'll see a Force Ghost hand in Episode IX. If you wonder what else Luke's hand has been up to over time, there's actually an eight-page comic called The Secret Tales of Luke's Hand.

This is far from the fist time Mark Hamill has involved himself with a Luke Skywalker hand joke. He was even asked about his favorite Star Wars joke a few years ago and had this to say:

Mark Hamill is usually a goofball on social media, but he is also genuinely a great resource to mine for Star Wars trivia, rumor debunking, behind-the-scenes intel, classic Carrie Fisher stories, and more. He's also willing to get serious on occasion about things like his own frustration at never getting a real Luke/Leia/Han reunion in the new trilogy.

Watch Star Wars: Episode IX and The Addams Family on the big screen as two of the movies still coming to theaters this year. Gotta HAND it to 2019, it has been a wild one at the box office.

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