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Love it. Fear it. Joker has proven to be quite divisive on its way to theaters – with too much of that talk coming from people who haven’t yet seen the movie. Thankfully, Todd Phillips’ standalone comic villain origin story is finally out in theaters, so audiences can judge for themselves. After you do, listen to this week’s ReelBlend, which has an extended conversation with Joker star Joaquin Phoenix.

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Hopefully you guys feel that Phoenix had a good time with the ReelBlend hosts. They certainly enjoyed his stories from the Joker set, and the process he went through to bring Arthur Fleck and The Joker to life. It was an illuminating conversation, and one that we think will have you looking at Joker through multiple prisms.

The weekly poll this week had to do with Spider-Man’s return to the MCU, and whether or not he actually left. Was it all a publicity stunt?

The guys then broke down the trailers for both Birds of Prey, and the new Michael Bay movie, 6 Underground. “Bayhem” ran rampant through the halls of ReelBlend.

That led us into this week’s new openings, and Jake and Kevin both raved about Dolemite is My Name, with Eddie Murphy and Wesley Snipes. The Netflix comedy is making their top 10 lists on the year, so make sure it’s on your radar.

Joaquin Phoenix is Joker

That left the Joaquin Phoenix interview, and the Blend Game, which was #JoaquinPhoenixBlend. We also had a giveaway for the upcoming movie Gemini Man, so make sure you listen all the way until the end.

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