Zombieland: Double Tap Has Screened, See What People Are Saying

Cast of Zombieland: Double Tap

Zombieland was a big hit with fans when it hit screens, but that was a decade ago. 10 years later, we finally have the long-teased and highly anticipated sequel. The world premier of Zombieland: Double Tap took place last night, and with it come the first reactions. It seems to be pretty universally agreed that, if you were one of those people that has been waiting for the sequel, you'll find the wait was worth it.

Not only is Zombieland: Double Tap apparently as funny as the first movie, it's style of humor will likely very much remind fans of the first movie. Digital Spy says the humor hasn't been updated since the last movie, which may or may not be a compliment, but if what you're looking for Double Tap is simply more Zombieland, the new movie will provide that for you.

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While that response seems to be at least potentially lukewarm, the rest of the reactions to Zombieland: Double Tap feel a bit more welcome. The movies is funny, plain and simple.

Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson, and Abigail Breslin are back and, based on the responses, the foursome hasn't missed a beat. 10 years have passed in the movie as well as in real life, so the characters have been through a lot, but they are still together, which means quite a bit considering the world that they live in.

However, a sequel still has to change things up, and Zombieland: Double Tap does that with a collection of brand new characters. All of the new additions are receiving praise alongside the original cast, but the majority of the praise seems to be going to Zoey Deutch. She appears to steal the movie more than any other single character, at least according to one critic.

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More than one person has remarked about how much like 2009 the new Zombieland actually feels. This likely, at least in part, is because the new movie waited for the screenwriting due of Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese to find the right script. Between multiple attempts over the last few years that just didn't work out for one reason or another, combined with the distraction that is the successful Deadpool movies, we begin to see why this movie took so long to produce. Luckily, it seems the wait was worth it, and once you sit down in the theater, it won't feel like much time has passed at all.

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Fans will certainly be happy to know that the wait hasn't been in vain. If you loved the first Zombieland, then the sequel will likely hit all those buttons once again. So often waiting this long for a sequel leads to disappointment, and this year a lot of sequels have underperformed. The deck may be stacked against Zombieland but it's going to try and give "the deck" a serious headshot.

Zombieland: Double Tap hits theaters next week.

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