Ryan Reynolds Trolls Justice League’s Mustachegate In Awesome New Post

Ryan Reynolds with full facial hair in The Hitman's Bodyguard.

Ryan Reynolds is a big fan of his brand of gin, Aviation Gin, and he’s also a fan of trolling online. When he gets the opportunity to combine the two, he takes it, which is what happened this week when the actor opted to troll Justice League’s Mustachegate in a fun post.

This means we both get to see Ryan Reynolds with a mustache, possibly courtesy of Movember, as well as what it takes to CGI the heck out of it to produce a nice, not-so-cleanshaven alcohol ad. Take a look below.

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If you’ve been living under a rock and don’t really understand what’s happening with this disappearing mustache bit, basically Ryan Reynolds is trolling Henry Cavill in the ad, or probably more accurately, Warner Bros and DC. The studio made the decision to do some reshoots on Justice League when Henry Cavill was already busy with work on Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

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The basic gist is that Fallout wouldn’t let Henry Cavill shave his mustache to do Justice League reshoots, given that would have been a pain for that film's production and it wasn’t Paramount’s problem. Although, it's worth pointing out director Christopher McQuarrie has said the studio did try to accommodate when possible. The end result was that Henry Cavill’s mouth looked super weird in a few key CGI scenes. Cool, now we’re all caught up.

Anyway, Ryan Reynolds gives us this ad with a wink and a nod “honestly” apologizing for putting it up on the interwebs. In the video, he even cracks jokes about how Aviation Gin will make people “feel like a superhero,” just apparently not the Deadpool kind.

He’s not the only outside party that has had its own fun with Justice League’s Mustachegate, as even HBO has previously gotten into the fun. So had Gal Gadot, somewhat inadvertently.

Ryan Reynolds is no stranger to this sort of trolling. He and Hugh Jackman get up to it quite often as a means of helping out his Aviation Gin and Jackman’s Laughing Man coffee brand. It’s gotten to the point where I couldn’t even compile all of those tweets and exchanges into one piece if I wanted to. One-off comedic bits are common for the actor, too, with one of my favorite examples being the time he commemorated Disney buying Fox with a hilarious social media post.

At the end of the day, this may be an ad, but I’d rather have an ad like this that amuses me to no end than most of the other stuff the Internet shoves in my face every day. Plus, the timing with Movember really makes this one stand out.

If you'd rather watch Ryan Reynolds with way more facial hair coming up, catch him in 6 Underground, Michael Bay’s new Netflix movie, which hits theaters on December 13.

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