Looks Like Hugh Jackman And Ryan Reynolds' Social Media Truce Is Over

Well, it was nice while it lasted -- and it lasted about a week. Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds had called a truce in their hilarious "war" last week, when the Deadpool star said he'd make a beautiful ad for Jackman's Laughing Man Coffee brand. He lived up to his end of the bargain, but it's clear Reynolds was ... disappointed in the Wolverine actor's own ad for Aviation Gin...

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Classic. Just give these two a buddy movie already, or make them host everything together!

As you can see, Ryan Reynolds' superhero-themed Laughing Man Coffee ad aired first. It was heartfelt and beautiful, calling Hugh Jackman a "loving and caring man" and his "friend."

Hugh Jackman pretended to be surprised and taken aback by the sweet and professional-looking ad. He tried to stop Ryan Reynolds before airing his own ad for Reynolds' Aviation Gin. But it rolled, and it was fucking fabulous.

Hugh Jackman: Ryan Reynolds is a complete and total [bleep]ing [bleep.] The gin's pretty great, though. I'll have to try it someday.

Hugh Jackman proceeded to open a bottle of Aviation American Gin and let it drain across the table, never trying any of it. He threw the cap across the room.

Cut to Ryan Reynolds' shocked reaction, and Hugh Jackman apologizing, saying he didn't think the truce was actually real.

These two just have way too much fun together, and even if Hugh Jackman never does give the world a Wolverine/Deadpool movie, we do need another movie with these two stars together. X-Men Origins: Wolverine was not enough.

Last year, Hugh Jackman called out Ryan Reynolds on Good Morning America, basically calling him desperate for pushing so hard to get Jackman to come back for a new Wolverine/Deadpool movie.

They've gone back and forth about it several times. Ryan Reynolds recently joked that Hugh Jackman was "selfish" and posted a savage "Ten Year Challenge" for Wolverine; Jackman recently posted a whole exposé video mocking the Once Upon a Deadpool star, and also offered Reynolds' wife Blake Lively free coffee for having to put up with her husband.

While they engage in this clearly fake feud, the actors also promote each other's projects. Usually the projects are their respective movies, but in this case it's their respective products. It's all perfectly on brand, so to speak, and Aviation should 100% air that ad on TV. In fact, where was it during the Super Bowl?

I can't blame anyone for not wanting to host the Oscars, but maybe Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds could tag-team the Tonys or something. They clearly have the perfect banter, and they still manage to keep their "fights" fresh and funny.

Hugh Jackman has made it pretty clear that he's done as Wolverine, but if/when Disney casts a new Wolverine under its new ownership of Fox's X-Men characters, maybe that would make Jackman jealous enough to come back for one last job. As we wait to see how the whole Fox/Marvel/Disney universe plays out -- and wait for the next shots fired in this "war" -- don't forget to keep up with all of the new releases hitting theaters with our 2019 movie schedule.

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