Zack Snyder Throws Some Shade At Justice League Over Mustachegate

One of the biggest stories leading up to and in the wake of Justice League is the digital removal of Henry Cavill's mustache in the film. The effect was unconvincing and something of a black eye on the film and the beleaguered DC universe as a whole. Everyone has an opinion on the fiasco dubbed 'Mustachegate', but one person we haven't heard from is the primary director of Justice League, Zack Snyder,. While far from an official statement, we now have some idea of his feelings on the matter. The director recently posted a picture of himself rocking a particularly fuzzy face, and after that there was only one direction this thing was going in

Mentioning shaving his facial hair was the most tempting of bait and naturally, someone bit, saying:

@ZackSnyder or you could just remove it via CGI hahahaha

Tee'd up perfectly, Zack Snyder responded succinctly and with a healthy dose of shade towards Justice League, responding,

@EmilianoManliclic we all know that doesn't work

Yikes. It's hard to argue that Zack Snyder's response on Vero wasn't pointed. He could have ignored that comment about removing his facial hair via CGI, but he didn't. He also had to know that any mention of facial hair by him was going to elicit a near Pavlovian response alluding to Mustachegate. It is clear that Zack Snyder is no fan of the CGI used to remove Henry Cavill's mustache in his absence, and it's hard to blame him. The result has been savaged since the film's release and has been a rallying point for criticism of Justice League. So it is understandable if Zack Snyder is a little bitter about what was done after he left the project.

The director suffered an unimaginable personal tragedy and may have been fired from a film that he put years of his life into. Regardless of whether you think his version of Justice League would have been better or not, it is easy to see why he would want to throw some shade at a film that didn't fully represent his vision and still floundered. There is also the fact that if Zack Snyder's original vision had remained intact, there likely wouldn't have been the need for extensive reshoots to change the film's tone. After all, it was the reshoots that conflicted with Henry Cavill's filming on Mission: Impossible - Fallout, and thus necessitated the digital mustache removal and the never-ending saga of the 'stache.

Now that Justice League is out of theaters and coming to home video, I imagine we'll begin to get a better idea of what Zack Snyder's original vision for the film entailed. Many fans are still calling for the Zack Snyder cut to be released, but at this point, that seems unlikely. I don't know if we'll ever hear the whole story from Zack Snyder himself, but right now, it seems clear that he feels no loyalty or need to defend the film. For all the latest in superhero news, stay tuned to CinemaBlend.

Nick Evans

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