Watch Elisabeth Moss Lose Her Mind In The Invisible Man's First Trailer

Elisabeth Moss in the Invisible Man

The Invisible Man is one of Universal Pictures classic movie monsters. Back when the Dark Universe was still an active concern we were expecting one of the films to deal with the famous character. Now we do, in fact, have an Invisible Man movie but it's probably very different than monster movie fans were expecting.

That doesn't mean that those looking for good scares won't be thrilled. The first trailer for The Invisible Man is here and, while the title may focus on a man you cannot see, the main character is actually played by Elisabeth Moss, as a woman being tormented by an obsessed ex who everybody believes is dead. Check out the trailer below.

The trailer opens with Elisabeth Moss running for her life, while also attending the will reading for her ex. It seems he was abusive and controlling, and when she finally left, he killed himself. He also left her a lot of money, which is nice. Except that it appears that the ex isn't really dead, he's just invisible, and he's tormenting Elisabeth Moss to the point where people think she's losing her mind.

It's a pretty good trailer in that it sets a tone and it absolutely feels creepy as hell. My only real issue is that this feels like one of those trailers that has basically laid out the entire movie from start to finish. We see Elisabeth Moss' character being arrested, potentially committed. Her friends losing faith. Moss discovering that her ex is somehow invisible and not dead. We don't know exactly how it all ends, but that's about the only think we don't see,

Of course, it's possible there's a lot more to [The Invisible Man]( than the trailer lets on. If everything we see here takes place in the first half of the movie, which is possible, then there is going to be a lot more going on. Still, it's hard to believe this isn't pretty much the whole story.

But it's the journey, not the destination, and so watching Elisabeth Moss go through this ordeal is what it's all about. The whole thing does look tense and emotionally taxing. Though I really wonder if $5 million is worth all this.

Oliver Jackson-Cohen plays our invisible man. We see him briefly early in the trailer. After that, we just see his effect on the world around him. We'll have to see if the actor himself is actually seen much in the movie or if he really does spend pretty much the entire story unseen.

It's a good first look, even if there is so much we didn't "see." The Invisible Man may not be the classic monster movie that we were expecting, but it still looks suitably terrifying. We'll get to see the film when it hits theaters in February 2020.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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