Tom Hardy Posts And Deletes Photos From Set Of Venom 2

Venom Eddie cornered by his Symbiote

Social media can get an actor in trouble, be it through accidental leaks of the slightest bit of material, or other more problematic events. As such, it’s always good to try and use that delete option before too many people see classified materials. Like, say, Tom Hardy’s first photo from the set of Venom 2. But, of course, the internet never forgets, and some eagle-eyed folks have spotted the supposedly offending material.

The photographs are pretty innocuous, as there were two Instagram posts that Hardy shared from the Sony/Marvel sequel’s supposed beginning of principal photography. One show was of Tom Hardy, sitting in what looks like a makeup trailer, with the following caption: "W3'R'V3N0M2 day one."

Tom Hardy deleted Instagram photo Venom 2 starts day one

You don’t need to be a cryptographer to decode that message, as it clearly looks like the man is ready to work.

But the next photo was an even cuter look at Venom 2’s on-set life. It features Tom Hardy's French Bulldog and included a message of best wishes on his first day of work from his human co-worker. Knowing Hardy’s love for dogs, this sort of thing is not only expected, it’s also always welcome.

However, those evasive photos were zapped from Tom Hardy’s Instagram profile, and cannot be found outside of screen caps. More than likely, someone high up saw that the Venom 2 star was blabbing that production had started, and handed down the order to ditch the evidence for a more cryptic tease. You know how comic movie sets can be about their privacy.

Instead of the photos described above, Tom Hardy posted two captionless replacements for his supposedly verboten snaps that he had to delete from his profile. The first photo is extremely fitting, with a tease to the Andy Serkis directed sequel’s double Symbiote adventure in the form of a Raven that’s half black and half red, but all smiles. I wonder what it means? Quick, somebody check Woody Harrelson’s Instagram!

A photo posted by on

The second photo shows the cute pupper got a cool photo taken with his on-set ID badge -- his badge says Blue, although Tom Hardy has also called his dog Blu -- with Venom 2 said to be filming under the working title "Fillmore."

A photo posted by on

While these new photos are definitely cool teases to Venom 2, those old photos didn’t exactly give the store away. There wasn’t any sort of new information, like say confirmation of Naomie Harris as Shriek. Nor were there any spoilery details to be lifted from a completed set. Which just has to make you wonder… what was it about those photos that got them deleted? I’d keep a closer eye on that dog if I were you. He might be up to something.

Venom 2 is, presumably, in production now, for a presumptive October 2, 2020 release date. As soon as this information is confirmed, you’ll hear it from us in short order. In the meantime, you can head to our 2020 release schedule, to see what movies might be competing with Eddie Brock for as much box office cash as they can grab.

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