New Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker Poster Is Confusing The Heck Out Of People

Mark Hamill Luke Skywalker looks confused in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is ending the Skywalker Saga in less than a month, and we're getting all kinds of promotional materials. IMAX just revealed its exclusive artwork in a poster that tries to highlight the epic struggle between light and dark. Some fans are loving the poster, but others are confused about what -- or who -- they're looking at.

The poster focuses on four main characters -- are all four Skywalkers? We're waiting to hear more about Rey's parents, and that intel is definitely coming. "Reylo" fans love anything with both Rey and Kylo in it, and many fans are thrilled to see Leia, even if she's looking in the opposite direction of twin Luke. (Rey is looking in the Luke direction. Worth reading into?)

We see Rey at the center, with Leia getting prominent play toward the left. The right hand side of the poster seems to be confusing fans. It's a squint and tilt your head situation -- appearing to show Luke Skywalker but also Kylo Ren molded together.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker IMAX art poster

Some fans keep seeing Obi-Wan in the poster instead of Luke Skywalker. Maybe that was intentional? Other fans are confused about the mask looking like it's sprouting hair in the upper right corner, with replies noting it's Luke's hair.

The artwork was dissected with interest, and fans responded with a range of high and low reactions on Twitter and Instagram:

• What a great image I'm getting more hype for this movie by the day we are deep into star wars season!!!• I really dislike that poster. Looks odd with all the faces stacked on top of each other.• i didn't see Luke at first. They hid him very well.• Omg can you make Kylo even more emo?! What’s with the hair strands? Didn’t even see Luke growing out of his chin, wasn’t expecting him at all to be in poster.• I like it its kind of like kylo ren is fragments of lukes failures• It kinda looks like Obi-Wan. But yeah. It makes sense that it’s Luke and Leía.• I have no words that can truly describe how awful this poster is, holy shit.• i feel like there is significance in not just having Rey and Kylo, but Leia in this poster. Perhaps his mom will be what brings him to the light.• Pretty sure it’s Luke. But it looks a lot like Obi wan• That’s a really bad poster. Can’t wait for the film though, tickets already booked go IMAX ????• FINALLY!! Leia gets some recognition after being snubbed on the main movie poster, as well as the character posters.• IS THAT BEN'S HAIR• Why is Kylo on lukes head?• Anakin should be on this poster• Not a fan of the hair hanging over but besides that a beautiful poster• Eh, not a big fan of this poster. It's too confusing and takes a lot of looking just to figure it out.• Is it me or does that look like obiwan?

Yes, yes, the Obi-Wan comments are strong with these fans. So it's not the most clear-cut poster, but at least the design is cleaner that the international Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker poster, which seemed to jam everyone and everything (including Porgs) into the image.

Star Wars also released individual character posters for both familiar and new characters arriving in Episode IX. And even though we're supposed to be done with The Rise of Skywalker trailers after this one, we're still seeing new footage in TV spots, including another look at the Knights of Ren and a return to a surprising planet.

Luke Skywalker died in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but we know Mark Hamill's character returns in The Rise of Skywalker, presumably as a Force Ghost. Actress Carrie Fisher died in real life in 2016 but her Leia Organa will be part of The Rise of Skywalker through plenty of unused footage from The Force Awakens.

Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker opens in theaters, including in IMAX, on December 20. Keep up with everything else that's still headed to the big screen this year with our 2019 movie release date schedule.

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