Thrilling Black Widow Trailer Is Action-Packed And Shows Off Taskmaster

Scarlett Johansson is Black Widow

Welcome back, Agent Romanoff, and the Black Widow.

The first official trailer for Marvel Studios’ Black Widow has dropped, bringing the original Avenger back to life (following her sacrifice in Avengers: Endgame) for a prequel adventure that will trace the warrior back to her roots. There’s action. There’s intrigue. And there’s a special emphasis on family!

Check out the first footage from the next Marvel Studios movie, Cate Shortland’s Black Widow:

There’s so much to unpack in this trailer, and kudos to Marvel for showing off as much as they do. We try to get a sense of the timeline on the story when we hear the voice of “Thunderbolt” Ross, and then see a younger version of the man (played by William Hurt) as he discusses Widow’s tendency to run.

Well, she doesn’t want to flee anymore, and based on details that we picked up in San Diego Comic-Con, she heads back to Budapest to wrap up unfinished business. The Avengers aren’t around, which likely confirms the notion that this takes place after Captain America: Civil War. And there’s an unexpected focus on family, starting with the introduction of Natasha’s sister, played by Florence Pugh.

Florence Pugh in Black Widow

What we don’t necessarily get is the full plot behind the story. Natasha (Scarlett Johansson) says that she and her sister need to go back to where it all started, and we do see training images of the Black Widow program that turned Romanoff into an unstoppable international assassin. But why is she rekindling her fight with this organization? And how does her family fit into this?

Black Widow costar David Harbour

The biggest reveal, outside of all of the action in Black Widow, is the first official look at the villain of the movie, Taskmaster. And damn, does this look like a perfect version of the character. Taskmaster is able to perfectly mimic the motions of an adversary, and there was a fight scene we saw at SDCC that’s not included in this trailer. But it’s safe to say I am VERY excited to see the villain in action on screen in Black Widow.


When will we get to see the Black Widow movie? Marvel Studios kicks off the 2020 summer blockbuster season with a May 1 bow. We’ll have plenty more on the movie as we get closer, so keep it locked here on CinemaBlend.

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