Vin Diesel 'Speechless' After Watching First Fast And Furious 9 Trailer

Vin Diesel Fast & Furious 9

9 will release its first trailer next month, aka January 2020, ahead of the movie's release in May. When can we see the trailer? The release date will be revealed on December 18th. Vin Diesel is a hype machine, and after teasing the date announcement for the trailer, he teased the mind-blowing footage we'll see.

Vin Diesel made his tease alongside Fast and Furious co-star Michelle Rodriguez while they were at The Game Awards to promote the game Fast & Furious Crossroads. Diesel told Rodriguez, and then his Instagram followers, that he just saw a 4 minute trailer for Fast & Furious 9. Here's his preview for the preview:

I yesterday saw the four-minute trailer. The launch will be announced on the 18th of this month. I just saw it yesterday. And I was just telling [Michelle Rodriguez] how blown away she's going to be and I realized I should probably tell you guys too. It's just -- I was speechless. I literally had to see [director] Justin [Lin] and have dinner with him immediately. I was just speechless. I can't wait for you guys to see it.

I may be reading into things, but Vin Diesel being "speechless" about the trailer -- and running to talk to director Justin Lin -- makes me think it's not just the usual explosions and chase scenes. Maybe maybe maybe it shows the return of Brian O'Connor? There's been a lot of chatter about possibly seeing Brian again. Actor Paul Walker died while making Furious 7 but the character of Brian lives on. Brian and Mia Toretto have a family together.

Brian and Mia were both absent from the eighth movie, The Fate of the Furious, but we already know Jordana Brewster is returning in a big way as Mia in Fast 9. It would make sense for the character of Brian to return somehow, it's just a matter of how. In silhouette? From the back? Using a mix of Paul Walker's brothers and CGI?

I don't want to go too far down that rabbit hole, 'cause we don't know what's going to happen yet. But if we do see Brian return in the first Fast & Furious 9 trailer? Oh boy. There will be thoughts. And maybe tears. Tyrese Gibson already said Paul Walker's spirit pulled the cast through the Fast 9 shoot on tough days. He's always with them off-screen and we'll have to see about on.

Fast & Furious 9 is going old school in other ways, and may bring us back to the site of Dom and Mia's father's death. And maybe we'll get Justice For Han? We know some newcomers are joining the team, including John Cena, who had to earn the cast's respect.

Fast & Furious 9 isn't meant to wrap up the franchise, there's still Fast & Furious 10 coming. Dwayne Johnson looks like he'll return at some point. For Fast 9 or just Fast 10? Fast 9 is already done filming, it was the longest shoot of the franchise to date.

While you're here, watch Vin Diesel's trailer tease post:

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Stay tuned for more updates on what happens, beyond what we know so far about Fast & Furious 9. The movie opens May 22, 2020. Keep up with everything heading to the big screen next year with our 2020 movie release date schedule.

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